How to Deal with a Bossy Child, without losing temper

Are you having a hard time handling your 4-year-old, who thinks he owns the world? Do you often see him dictating his friend, siblings and often you too?

Well you will be surprised to know that you are not alone. Bossy behavior in child at or around the age of 4 is very common. Most, if not all, kids go through this stubborn and egoistic phase. There’s truly nothing wrong in that but several at times the situation gets way out of hands, and may result in making your child a spoilt brat.

Now you don’t want that right?

If you are wondering how to deal with a bossy child, this is the right place;

Discipline a Bossy Child with these Easy to Follow Guidelines


1. Proactive parenting wins over reactive parenting


Studies suggest that paying keen attention to your child’s behavior and reading between the lines comes in handy when you want to tame an aggressive child. One way of stopping him from being aggressive is to read his next move. If you think he’s feeling hungry, provide him with food before he asks. This way the child feels taken care of and protected.

Also renders him off the need to wail for food. So win-win!

2. Pay less attention towards his bossy attitude

When a four-year-old goes around telling how things are done right, it’s downright adorable. But since you don’t want him to carry this stubborn attitude with him for life, you will have to control that burst of laughter.

Because your laughter will do nothing but encourage him to showcase such attitude every now and then. Resulting in adapting it for life.

Likewise, don’t scold him either, because that too decodes as giving attention. Ignoring is the best possibility in such situations.


3. Do what you preach

Kids at and around the age of four, learn to pick habits from their surroundings. When they see you scold and lose temper or any bossy behavior in adult, they start adapting the same. So think again, when you, your husband or any other elder, orders your little one to collect his toys. Instead ask him politely if he would like to help collect all the toys.

The difference you see will be commendable!


4. Deny being bossed around

Now’s the time when you teach your little one, how to be polite. When your little one comes to you with a demanding tone, make sure to not fulfil his request. Fulfil only when he repeats himself in a calm and polite manner.

Tell him how distasteful it sounds when he bosses around and express how you hate it to the last degree.

How to Handle a Bossy Child


Handling bossy children can sometimes be tricky. But as they say, a little attention, love and care can do wonders.


5. Take some time out for him and only him

Sometimes children show such behavior when they are not being given enough attention. So make sure you allot one hour of a day, just for your little bud. When you can give him your undivided attention.


6. Connect with him on an emotional level

when the little ones start to grow, they begin to require our emotional support more, than physical. Make sure you take out time to look him in the eye and ask him what’s troubling.

7. Give him a chance to lead

Often children aren’t being bossy, but just showing off their leadership skills. Provide your little one with situations where he can be in-charge without being overpowering. Such as in an adult supervised board game session. Or when you appoint your little one in-charge of getting his little siblings ready. Etc.

This gives your little one the opportunity to excel in his leading habits alongside understanding the concept of responsibilities.

Last piece of advice would be to remain patient. Parenting is like a battle, fought with love and patience. There will be days when everything blows through the roof. That is when you will need to keep yourself calm, yet strong headed.

Also keep in mind, that the fore mentioned advices will not work until used consistently. You will have to put in your hundred percent, to get rid of all your bossy child problems. It may take a while, but the results will definitely be worth the wait. You can have my word. Because, been there. Done that.

Good luck!


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