How to do french braids quickly

How to do french braids quickly

French braiding is thousands of years old styling technique, yet the new ways have been introduced which have given a modish look to do french braids quickly. If you need hairstyles for school, office, dinner date or to even rock a party, french braiding is one convenient option that can add magic to your looks in no time. Adding embellishments like beads, hair clips or flowers gives bonus points to your appearance.

French braid appears more sophisticated than a normal three strand braid. It is also preferable if you have short layered hair which you want to keep away from face. It might seems painless to do french braid at others, while when it comes to your own hair it looks one challenging task.  However, french braiding only requires practice to achieve a perfect, appealing and polished look.  Follow our fool-proof instructions of how to do french braids on yourself like a pro.


How to do French Braids on yourself

1. Brush your hair backward and remove all the knots, take 3 inch section of hair at the crown of your head and divide it into three sections equally.

2. Now you have three strands right one, middle one and a left one which we will name as strand 1, strand 2 and strand 3.

3. Begin braiding by moving strand 1 over strand 2 and under the strand The strand 1 will move on the left side and strand 2 will move on the right.

4. Now, Take the strand 3 that is over the strand 1 and pass it under strand 2. Hence the strand 3 moves toward right side and strand 2 become the middle one.

5. Keeping your hair tight, take a small piece of hair from right section and add it with strand 3 on right side. Likewise, take small piece of section from left side and add it with strand 1.

6. Repeat the step 3 and 4 and move this right strand 3 over middle strand 2 and under left strand 1. Now strand 3 will come to left side and strand 2 will move to right.

7. Take strand 1 that is over strand 3 and pass it under strand 2. Now all the strands will come to their original positions.

8. Again take pieces of hair from both sides and add it with strand 1 and strand 3, keep repeating the above mentioned steps and you will achieve a perfect french braid, but remember practice makes man perfect!

9. Once, you reach the end of your head where your hair line finishes. Now you can do a regular three strand braid till the end of your hair length.

10. The final step is to secure hair with a hair tie and spritz some hairspray to make the style last longer.


How to do french braids quickly 7


How to do french braids quickly 8


How to do a side French Braid

Previously you learned how to make French braid flawlessly, after that, side french braid also becomes a piece of cake. It looks way more glamorous than your regular french braid. It might look trickier but again all it needs is practice. You need to follow the same steps as you did for french braiding but this time it will be on side rather than back.

  1. Part your hair at one side as you would normally do and brush away all the knots and tangles.
  2. Now take a 2-3 inch section at the top from where the partition is starting
  3. Divide the section in 3 strands and repeat the same over-and-under technique mentioned above.
  4. Grab pieces of hair from both sides keep adding them while braiding till you reach your ears.
  5. Take a hair tie and secure your hair. Now by using bobby pins hide the hair tie under rest of the hair. Here you go!



How to do french braids quickly 9


With the side french braid you can also pull off some other cuter hairstyles. Take your french braid down till the end of your hair length. Keep adding hair from back and front, keep it at one desired side and secure it with a hair tie at the end. With using fingers pull your braid loose to give extra volume. You can also wear this hairstyle at school.

Besides, we have another engaging hairstyle for you using the same method, french braid till the end of your hair at one side by adding small strands while leaving rest of the hair free and curl them up. This hair style would be perfect for your prom party with your fancy outfit.

Or you can have a messy ponytail using the same side french braid technique.

P.S you may rock this look with either formal or casual wear.

How to do French Braids pigtails

To make french braid pigtails, again you have to stick to the same old directions as you did for side french and regular french braiding, however this time it is going to be on both sides. Divide your hair in two parts, start french braiding from the top of your head and keep adding hair strands from both sides till the end of your head. From there you need to start regular three strand braid. Repeat the same on other side and you will have ultimate french pigtails.


How to do French Braid Hairstyles

· Twisted French bun

For a twisted French bun, you need to create a regular french braid. Grab your braid from the end twist it upward keeping it at a side. Once you reach the end of your hairline secure your twisted bun with your hair-colored bobby pin. Voila!

· Messy low bun

For a perfect evening with your girlfriends or your boyfriend this stylish up-do will make your look an eye-catching one. All you need is to make a side French braid and secure it with bobby pins. Now curl you hair and wrap that all up in a messy bun, you don’t need to be perfect yet make sure your hair don’t look frizzy. Use your hair colored bobby pins to keep the bun at your desired place.

· The tucked french Braid Updo

This tucked French up-do is one easy-peasy, neat and clean and professional hairstyle for work. Once you are perfect at French braiding you can do this style even at very last minute. This hairstyle can be done by also making regular a French braid. Fold your braid from bottom till end of your hairline and tuck it under your hair securing it with bobby pins.

· Elsa’s French braid from frozen

Loosely do a regular french braid at one side, use your fingers and pull each strand out to give volume and you will accomplish perfect Elsa’s hairstyle. Not that big of a deal!

· Half loose french braid

This is one simple yet elegant hair look specifically for school going young girls. All you need is to straighten your hair, and take some hair from top of your head like you do for a regular french braid. Repeat the same steps, except that now instead of grabbing and adding hair from both side every turn, you need to add hair from one side at a time, and braid the other strand without adding any hair. Use this technique by reversing sides and you will have a perfect half loose french braid.