How to Make your Crush fall in Love with you

Crushes probably come and go…… but sometimes they are so serious that you can’t manage to function properly until you get to know them!

These ‘crush’ at times become the love of your life and when this doesn’t happen, it sucks the life from your heart badly! Trust me, everyone can understand this and this problem probably sustains in most lives. In the end, if you see them with someone else or talking to someone else, your heart breaks and there is nothing you can do to fix it. This is true for both guys and girls. We are prone to do this and just can’t stand our crushes with someone else.

There was no way of getting your crush to love you back but the modern tactics can take you so far. There are things about how to make your crush fall in love with you to like you better and even fall in love with you.


Make your Crush fall in love with Gestures


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Yes, boys and girls! Nothing has been proven more effective than body language, what we call “Gestures”. These gestures will take YOU along way down. You can give them signs that you like them without actually saying the words and pulling your guard down. So, you know whenever you meet them, try to be cocky and smart. You can also dress that way (Got it?). Go for it! I believe in you.

You can totally get them to like you with your classy, subtle and obvious body language.

Guys stick to class and girls have a lot they can make use of!

Make it work

You know that a little bit of flirting and face expressions can be a big help. You can totally see them responding you back!

Be more like them


You know people like you better when you have more things in common with them. You can develop interests like them and join them in their leisure times. You can dress according to their choice and you will find them totally getting along with you. It is one of the best ways to make them like you. Your crush probably has no idea that you like them. This habit will also give them a reason to get to know you better. It then moves to the next level where you get to know them more closely and they take an interest in you because God, you have a lot in common.

You know what you can do as well? When you meet them, use gestures like them and talk more like them. It’ll definitely make them like you.

Make it work

You know you can make it work. However, you know it sounds really crazy but guys this is your dream lover. You have got to make it work! You can use their gestures, you can talk like them, and you can even sip the drink in their style just to get their attention. You can also make your hand movements like them.

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How to make your crush love you back



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You can be close to them like ‘always’ but make sure not to irritate them.

You can initiate a conversation. And while you are at it, you can watch them, you can wink at them, you can wave at them and then next time maybe you can even say “hi” and get noticed. This is the main idea behind all this! That is to be around them and get them to like you. It is also practical for people to like you when you are always around them and pass on the message that you are available. Therefore, be available for each other and you’ll automatically watch them falling for you.

Make it work

You know you just have to stick around and hang in there because if Ross can make Rachel fall in love with him, you can too (not Rachel obviously). But seriously, this is your chance to be your own version of Ross and Rachel.


How to make your crush fall for you fast


Yeah yeah, as friends! Start with being friends and hang out with them. Don’t miss any chance to be around them because honey, you are going to love it. This gives both of you better chances to get to know each other and grow closer. It is very helpful in building relationships. You give yourself the edge and get on the lighter side, where in the end you might be able to ask them out and it wouldn’t even be weird because hey, you know each other so well! Trying it out is not going to hurt anyone, right?

Make it work

The friend zone is great to start with. You start hanging out and get close with each other. Just when you feel the high time is, grow out of the friend zone and pour your heart out (gradually!). Act as unapproachable and unavailable so that they feel your absence. Just when they are desperate enough, make them realize what it is all about!

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