How to Tease Your Boyfriend in Cute Ways

Become a woman of his fantasies by teasing him with your hot body, seductive talks and sizzling gestures. A horny look will force him to come to you! He will fantasize you, your erotic expressions, and sensual touch!

A relationship gets stronger if your partner is getting what he requires, your sexual attention! Sex is necessary to bring back the spark of happiness and pleasure into your life.

It strengthens your bond. Why…? Because it enhances trust and mutual understanding which is mandatory to flourish a relationship.

Tease your boyfriend to make him guessing, what’s coming next…! This article will help you to tease your boyfriend in awesome ways!

Let’s get started!

1. Praising Conversations


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Your comments about boyfriend help a lot in turning him on! Romantic words greatly affect thoughts of your partner,

as Gerry said in the movie P.S. I Love you,



“I know what I want, because I have it my hands right now. You.”


This type of hard hitting lines trigger emotions and love in your boyfriend’s mind, right? He will clutch you to show his passion and affection!



2. Intensify kissing


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Nothing is more exciting than a passionate kiss to arouse your boyfriend! Lip to lip touch is a common thing but, a kiss full of passion and warmth will make your boyfriend feel that he is the luckiest person of the world.

Let your lips speak for yourself because they are the best source to depict your love and desire for your boyfriend. Slip your tongue into his mouth to shake his senses, this is a real tease because he will desire for more!


3. Seductive Texting


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Is your boyfriend not with you? Is he on job? Do you miss him? Do you know, how to tease your boyfriend over text messages? Let’s be naughty and…!

Write him a message full of erotic phrases like can you guess, how am I covering my pair of…? I just forgot how chocolate tastes into your mouth!

Make him curious and occupy his thoughts! Make him feel that he is missing a lot of fun. If he responds spontaneously, he wants to be with you! His eagerness will describe his affection to you.

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4. Tease him with a lap dance


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Choose the best attire, select a suitable place, and most importantly, prepare your plan to engage him! Don’t worry, if you are a bit bulky! You don’t have to be a super model to lap dance. Your boyfriend will not consider your loose body at that time.

He will perceive you as the most beautiful, and sexiest lady who has everything! He will praise your beauty and dance moves, rather pointing your body shape. So, be confident!


5. Plant sex thoughts in his mind


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I know, it sounds selfish, but you have to do it for the sake of your love and relationship! Sex anticipation is important to keep a relationship immortal.

Pass casual comments just to pursue him to have sex with you.

For example, when watching a movie… “Do you think this beautiful condo would be too cool to have sex in?”

Or when visiting a market… “I wonder how beautiful that bed would look with you and me naked!”

These dirty observations will stimulate him physically as well as emotionally and he will not miss any chance to tear your clothes apart!


6. Teasing in public

Believe me or not, this is the most interesting one. I know, it sounds weird, and you are thinking that it is a wicked way to tease your boyfriend, but… A hug, or a peck on lips in the public is not enough to describe your love for boyfriend.

It is a very common thing that everyone does! But, you could be creative by transforming a hug into a kiss, and thereafter kiss with passion, twist your tongue into his mouth to tease him in the public.

Hit him on his butt, it will be a great surprise for him and he’ll be teased.


7. Tease him during foreplay


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Don’t be surprised! You will love it, it is an awesome way to enhance his lust and desire to get you!

Consider he is kissing and, you suddenly stop; look into his eyes, encircle your tongue on your lips, and moan. It is the best way to tease your boyfriend during foreplay. You will surely observe, an enhanced seduction and lust.

Remove your clothes slowly! It helps a lot in arousing your boyfriend, make him to do this for you! It is a good gesture to begin a sensational intercourse.

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