Identify these 5 Common Love Addiction Symptoms

Clusters of emotions, feelings of isolation and intense requirement of sex are symptoms of love addiction. All these factors indicate love addiction. It is very common but difficult to diagnose these symptoms because of its nature. A love addict does not admit that he/she belongs to this category, right?

Addiction is a silent destructor! It has a negative impact on behavior, attitude and life. This addiction quietly damages our life and gives us unnecessary thoughts and emotional arousals. Love addiction symptoms vary among people depending on their life setup and nature of relationships.

Perception of life is the biggest barrier of becoming a love addict; stronger and better the perception, lesser are chances to be a love addict. Less gathering, emotional insecurities, and loneliness are characteristics of a love addict.

Most Common Symptoms of Love Addiction

1. Distance Kills – Crucial Truth about Love Addiction

If you are in love, you would never want any distance with your partner, whether it is physical or emotional. This is a normal feeling and it exists in everyone. But, if your love of life is not with you at the time of your need, then?!

Does it trigger anxiety? Do you feel lonely? Are you not interested in doing anything, like anything at all……… to survive?!

If the answer to all questions is YES, it depicts symptoms of addiction! An addict’s every deed, every thought and every feeling leads to his lover directly or indirectly. His mind is surrounded by conversations of his paramour. His body doesn’t accept isolation. In fact, a moment without sweetheart is challenging for many!

Without any doubt, all these factors elevate a lot of concerns about the condition of an addict. An addict’s stability and hopes are centralized around his love of life. So, if you can live without your love and observe absence of above mentioned severe conditions and approaches, you are definitely an addiction free happy and contented person.

2. Love Addiction Intensifies Sexual Relations

Sex is a basic need of the human body. Relationship addiction plays a significant role in enhancing your bond and sexual desires. No doubt, sex is a perfect remedy for various frustrations and emotional insecurities but, sex-hunger is a sign of addiction.

Greater sex desire can hurt fidelity of relationship. It adversely affects the thoughts and feelings of your partner.

An addict demands a lot of sex because he/she perceive that sex eliminates anxieties, which is true up to some extent. But, the more you have sex, more you desire! It has a natural attraction and it happens to everyone.

What if one partner refuses to have sex? What if one doubts the loyalty of other? What if one member thinks the, other is using him/her for sex? All these situations impose an agonizing situation for an addict!

After this, one will surely try to fulfill his/her sex desires by other means i.e. Masturbation, watching porn or hiring a call girl! Intense wish of sex is a symptom of Love Addiction!

3. Partner is everything – A Fact about Addiction

Love compulsion belongs to the person who is the love of your life. A person who makes you look better, feel well and shares emotional compatibility; all your affection and admiration belongs to that particular and valuable partner. Your companion is the center of hope, respect and expectations. All your determinations and fortitude belongs to this special person, only!

But, what about your parents? How can you forget about your siblings? What about your friends? How can one person dominate over everyone else? Aren’t all these roles equally significant in your life?

If you are unable to maintain a balance among all these precious relationships, you are insecure; you are an addict! You are living only for one person! Your life has no room for others and vice versa!

Domination of one person is a severe symptom of love addiction. Dealing with such critical emotional attachment is tough. Such people live in isolation; no contact with the relatives and no interaction with the friends make an addict, a miserable person!

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4. Premature relationships – A Love and RelationshipAddiction

Premature relationships are a threat for an addict. He/she is very keen on building new relationships for the contentment of his/her desires. Since, an addict is emotionally weak, it compels him/her to search new people for friendship, discussions and sexual relations.

Less decision making abilities build premature relationships which raise addiction and emotional insecurities. Break up in a premature relationship adversely influence the attitude of a person. It enhances depression and desperation.

5. Fantasy – A Love Addiction Test

Fantasy is the base of addiction. It is the worst form of addiction. It negatively affects the mindset of an addict. Without a doubt, we all have fantasies, which vary from person to person. Fantasy depicts the priorities of a person because it covers his/her thoughts and denotes true aspirations.

A love enthusiast always thinks about his/her relationship with the lover; different events and occasions,conversations, romance and love revolve around that person. Most importantly, he/she envisage stunning and charming moments of foreplay and sex!

Fantasy creates a wistful environment and the addict has no offense of what’s happening around! This kind of person is happy with his daydreaming attitude.

Fantasizing about someone shows your emotions and desperations for that person. It illustrates the love, care and affection you have in your heart for a person. But, overdoing it damages your relationships with other people. It gives you shame and anger if you are unable to approach your destiny. It hurts you, if you are unable to get same kind of affection, admiration, respect and care from your (imaginary) partner.

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