Identify these Top 15 Signs of Emotional Cheating

Definition of emotional cheating varies from person to person or more precisely from relationship to relationship – Same is true for the signs of emotional cheating.

Whether you are love birds or a newly married couple, this psychological beast not only effects your relationship but also makes it difficult for you to have a long lasting relationship – Thus, you will be overloaded with loneliness.

Surely, you don’t wanna be a lone bird in this cruel world, right?

Emotional cheating isn’t confined only to the boyfriend-girlfriend relationship or husband-wife relationship. To be honest, it has no boundaries. You can experience it at your workplace, school, college, in your friends circle, or in any kind of gathering.

The fact is, it depends upon You what makes you feel inferior or disrespected! Moreover, it depends upon your psychological and emotional stability to what extent you can avoid or counter the negative impacts of emotional cheating.

But, firstly, you must be aware about the signs of emotional cheating because you can’t refrain from ghastly effects of cheating unless until you are well aware about the certain aspects, symptoms, and behavioral changes that depict your partner is cheating on you!

15 Most Common Signs of Emotional Cheating

1. Your partner seems uncoordinated

The first and foremost sign of emotional cheating is change in behavior. You feel like both of you have nothing in common!

In most cases, people seem lost in their own life without taking care of the impact of their actions on their partner. The fact is, it is just the beginning of the bumpy-life-ride!

2. Your Partner suddenly becomes Secretive – A top sign of emotional cheating

There’s no doubt that everyone has a private life and requires some privacy but, what if your partner shares nothing with you? Why is this sudden change?

The indigenous fact about this situation is, your partner is cheating on you!

3. You have nothing to talk about

You only talk to whom you like! If you are experiencing a silence in your relationship, it might depict that your partner is not interested in you anymore! To me, there’s no other reason for his/her silence except he’s cheating on you!

4. They talk to someone whom you don’t like

This is the worst sign of emotional cheating as well as the worst form of emotional teasing. People use this bad tactic to psychologically hurt their partner.

Mostly, people use this tactic to show someone inferior in front of others. But, if your partner is continuously doing this without taking into account that you don’t like that person.

He is playing with you as well as with your emotions and it is a clear indication that he/she doesn’t consider you above that person!

5. You aren’t a top priority

How is it possible that you wanna spend the whole life with a person and he/she doesn’t consider you important?

What if he/she has time for his fellows but no time for you? What if your best friend (so called bestfriend) shares nothing with you – everything is SECRET?/p>

Surely, it depicts a change in priorities!

6. They are reluctant to introduce you with their friends – An ultimate sign of emotional cheating

If you identify something like this, your relationship is surely in trouble! Why your partner or friends are reluctant to introduce you with their new friends? Why they keep their friends in layers of secrets and as far from you as possible?

The bitter truth is, now they consider you a burden! Neither they like you nor your company! In short, you and your friendship/love are just like a scroll that ends shortly!

7. You are experiencing a change in opinions

Are you noticing a change in his/her opinions on certain things like your personality, behavior, social life, movies, restaurant choice etc.?

If YES, believe me or not, he is interested in somebody and he is in emotional affair with someone else!

8. You are being compared with another Person

Comparison is something that destroys the relationships – no matter how deeply you are in love with on another! If your partner doesn’t appreciate you on something extraordinary, and rather says; he has seen a lot like this before!

Believe me, it is a RED flag for you that he’s seeing someone else behind your back!

9. They aren’t DIZZY about Missing Time with You – The eventual sign of emotional cheating

If your partner seems to have no regret or if he doesn’t excuse you for being late on work. It’s an ultimate sign of emotional cheating!

It depicts that he considers you worthless as well as your spending time with you! And what could be the other possible reason for being so rude and unresponsive – except cheating?

10. There’s a Drastic Change in the Tone when he/she speaks to someone

A sudden late night phone call and conversation overloaded with politeness and naughtiness is a clear indication that your partner is not yours anymore! Moreover, if he prefers loneliness for his calls, it also depicts that he’s hiding something from you!


5 other Important Signs of Emotional Cheating

    • Excessive use of social media (especially Facebook and Instagram) as well as hiding of friends-list is an important sign he is cheating on you that can’t be ignored!
    • Sudden fitness routines, costly gifts, and a lot of self-preparations to go to office could also be a possible sign your guy is cheating on you!
    • Adaption of random interests like pet-adoption, gardening, liking for romantic songs and movies could possibly because he/she is in affection with someone else.
    • If your partner isn’t having SEX with you, it could be because he/she is enjoying it with someone else. It is an important sign of cheating – DON’T DARE TO NEGLECT IT!
    • If you are unable to arouse your partner even with all of your sizzling and seductive moves! The naked truth is, your partner is having an emotional affair and he is cheating on you!


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