Makeup Trends that you can ROCK even in your 40’s!

Are you afraid to try out those chic makeup trends because you think you are turning too old?


Well, let me reassure you that age has nothing to do with how you dress up.


Yeah, carrying the look appropriately has got everything to do with it!!


Here is a list of trends we tried and tested on our beautiful models, aged 40 and above, and trust me when I say they looked younger, fresher and totally in style!



1. A Smokey eye look:


Turning 40 for most women means dropping out there eye makeup routine. Little do they know that this alone has the power to make them look at least 5 or so years younger.


Though, we would definitely suggest you to let go of the bright and popping colors because they would make your already pale complexion look dark and make your eyes droop. Instead, go for bold shades such as gray, brown, and work to attain a soft smokey look.


In fact, a smokey eye look would help camouflage the puffiness that aging has given you, under your eyes.


Makeup Trends that you can ROCK even in your 40's! 18


A soft,smokey look is always a party pleaser even if you are well above 40!



2. Long and heavy eyelashes:


With the passage of time, your eyelashes become thinner and no more have the strength to stay curled, on their own, unlike when you were in your twenties. And now you don’t have either the time or the patience and precision to put on false lashes, right?


In this case, you will need to invest into both, a lash curler as well as a lengthening mascara formula which is a better choice compared to volumizing mascaras, when you want to keep those eye lashes curled.Here’s a list of our fav lengthening mascaras!


The curled eyelashes give your face an instant lift which makes your eyes pop and makes you look ever younger and fresher, without over doing your look.


If you are also looking to add volume to your lashes, opt for an eyelash extension which lasts for around 5 weeks and costs around $250 to $300.


Makeup Trends that you can ROCK even in your 40's! 19


See how enchanting lengthened lashes look, no matter what age!



3. Sparkly eye makeup:


When shades of brown and gray look boring to you, do not hesitate to re-vamp your look with a bit of sparkle.


We don’t mean to ask you to attach diamantes to it like this:


Makeup Trends that you can ROCK even in your 40's! 20


Because I don’t see how it looks good on even a teenager, but well……!


Go for a gold sparkly eye shadow or a combination of black and gray, which will help make your eyes pop even more when light falls onto it!


Makeup Trends that you can ROCK even in your 40's! 21


Well, no matter what age, you can certainly rock a sparkly makeover, just like she did!



4. A bold pout:


Well, well, well! With age, comes a horrifying collection of lippies which mostly consists of either shade of dull browns and peaches or strikingly, sparkly shades of orange and red.


We are all about wearing bold, fascinating colors, but there are a few colors you should avoid by, all spite. Such as a frosty red!


We aren’t saying you can’t flaunt a red but, instead, go for a deep maroon-ish red or something with a brown under tone which gives you both a mature as well as a chic appearance. Go for a matte formula, so that it is neither sparkly nor bleeds and is completely in trend!


Makeup Trends that you can ROCK even in your 40's! 22


A bold pout is all it takes to make you stand out of the crowd, despite the age factor!



5. Bold eyebrows:


As one age, nifty tasks such as shaping the brows and setting them up takes a back seat. Little do we know that these have the power to make you look fresh, well maintained and youthful as ever, at the same time!


To add a lift to your pale face, try filling your eyebrows and combing them, making them look bold. The boldness gives a new edge to your face, without looking like you over did it!


Make this a part of your everyday makeup routine and you will be surprised to know how youthful you can feel, just by one simple step!


Makeup Trends that you can ROCK even in your 40's! 23


The bold and shaped brows add volumes of youthfulness to your face!



6. Highlighting:


As we age, our lengthy makeup routine turns into a 2-minute lipstick and kajal applying humdrum! But since we know what wonders this makeup trend can do for you, I would urge you to try this out right away and see what an enchanting difference this alone can make!


Strobing or highlighting, as we all know brings out your features, just like contouring. But since contouring might give your face a weak look, the highlighting technique is sure to make your cheekbones rise, making you look fresher than ever!


Makeup Trends that you can ROCK even in your 40's! 24


Check out how fresh and lifted her dull skin looks!


7. A bright check stain:


Well, if you are 40 or tuning one in a couple months, I’m sure, like most women you too, are hoarding peach and light pink shades of blushes while tossing away those deep mauves and bright reds. Because for some reason, you think it won’t suit you, right?


Well, you will be surprised to know what a huge difference, and I mean a positive one, a bright cheek stain makes. It instantly makes your otherwise sagging skin, lift up and adds a pop of color to your pale face, making you look chic and youthful!


Makeup Trends that you can ROCK even in your 40's! 25


Bright cheeks paired with soft lippies look flawless for all ages!


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