Reasons Why Abortion should be Termed ILLEGAL

Ever since the legislation of Abortion in America, in 1973, the growing deaths of these tiny creatures has spiked to almost 150 per hour.

Yes, 150 tiny little human beings, are sentenced to death, without any apparent reason. Which means, that by the time you finish reading the reasons, why abortion should be illegal, there will be almost 4 to 5 more human fetuses, killed.

What is it, if not cold blooded murder?

Do you not think we should fight against it?


Is Abortion illegal, All Around the World?

No, abortion is not illegal, around the world. There are many countries where it is termed as prohibited and only allowed if the bearer’s life or health is threatened.

But there are also many countries where it is allowed without reasoning, such as the United States of America.

The Abortion laws around the world are divided into 5 categories.

    • Permitted to save the woman’s life or prohibited altogether.
    • Physical Health Grounds
    • Mental Health Grounds
    • Socioeconomic Grounds
    • Without restriction as to Reason

America lies in the 5th category, which means it has the most ‘open-minded’ laws for abortion. Many at times referred to as Pro-life or Pro-decision.

Here’s where to find out, what abortion laws are followed, in which country.


Facts about Abortion and Why Abortion should be iLLEGAL

1. Abortion Imposes Threat to the Bearer’s Life

Studies and researches have shown that not only can procedures used for abortion, cause deaths. But also increase the risk of grave diseases, such as breast cancer.

The number of women who have faced death, may not be numbered correctly, but researches have enough evidence to show that induced abortion is linked to breast cancer.

According to one study, women who undergo abortion, are almost 50% more at risk of breast cancer, then the one who has given birth at least once.

That’s not all, abortion risks both, mental and physical health of the bearer. It brings vast amount of hormonal changes in the women’s body. It puts her under immense emotional stress, which later results in deep depression.

The bearer may be okay, at the time of abortion, but the thought of murdering a tiny fetus may come back to haunt her later on in life.

Abortion side effects just don’t end there. Abortion also effects the life of the male partner. Especially when it results in further complications such as miscarriages and difficulties in future pregnancies.

2. Abortion is War Against Religion

Every religion believes, there is a creator. Some believe there is one, while others believe there are many. Whichever the case, we believe that birth and death are both, the work of the creator and abortion is interfering in his plans.

3. Abortion Denies Basic Human Rights

The whole world believes in providing the basic human rights. The most basic of them is to live and let live.

Abortion denies that very rule. You may call that tiny being in the womb a mere fetus, but science has proven that life begins the moment you conceive.

What is LIFE, you may ask. Anything that grows and breathes, is life. A fetus, as you may call it, begins to grow from the moment it conceives. His heart starts to beat, as early as 5 weeks.

So believe it or not, a fetus is as human as YOU.

If you are still unsure, you’ll be surprise to know that even the law itself accepts the tiny fetus as a human being and protects it from death:


“Federal law prohibits the death penalty for pregnant women until they give birth. (18 U.S.C.A. S.3596)”


The law clearly protects the fetus from being punished for the offence his/her mother is charged for.

4. Abortion as Birth Control

People are provided with contraceptives and guidance to use them all without any cost, from the state itself. Despite that there are many accidental cases, which result in Pregnancies.

Now those of whom, who believe in Pro-life and Pro-choice, say that when Birth control, pills and condoms can’t provide 100% safety, Abortion can and must be used as a Birth control, instead.

Because it at least provides a guarantee, to remain child free.

I wonder what sort of a society we are living in, where a drunk driven night, calls for murdering. Or a failure to use the contraceptive correctly, calls for murder!

5. Abortion is Painful for not only the Bearer but also the FETUS

The most horrific part of Abortion is yet to come.

Did you know that a fetus living in your womb, starts to feel pain at the age of 8 weeks? So when you snip off their head, as is the process of abortion, the tiny creature screams with PAIN, but their screams go unheard.

You know what is more worrying? Women and men believe that the right to abort a baby at will is a right for us women, especially those who believe in Feminism and freedom of speech.

The ones who truly believe and work to bring forward women’s rights, know that feminism or freedom of speech doesn’t mean murdering your own kin, in the name of free will.

Today they ask to kill their unborn child. Who knows tomorrow they may protest in favor of killing the children who have already arrived in the world, just because they can?



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