Bad Things that Deeply Affect a Relationship

WARNING: The beginning of this article mentions bad things that affect your relationship…….before starting a relationship.

(Cause com’on! Haven’t we all mentally/virtually dated our crushes?)

Okay so today….

I mistakenly audio-called my crush on Facebook and I officially suck!


He probably hates me and thinks I’m a desperate-virgin-hormonal-creep!



Damn! Letting it out does make you feel better. Hmm…


Two minutes later…

*Cries from embarrassment and dying hopes of ever getting married to her crush*



Keep your fat fingers FAR away from the profile of your potential future husband!

Now that! that’s out of the way…Let’s move towards a bit of a serious issue!


5 Bad Habits That Could Ruin Your Relationship


P.S: This write up is inspired by the best seller book “Reflections of a man” By Mr. Amari Soul


1. What’s more fragile than a woman’s heart? A man’s ego!


Bad Things that Deeply Affect a Relationship 11


Be ready to read an eye opener!

Some men will go to any lengths to protect their ego. These lengths can include lying to you, cheating on you and ultimately breaking your heart.

SO for the men, if a woman accepts you, she will accept you for your failures, your insecurities, your worst of all crying spells and whatever other baggage you carry on your shoulders. DO NOT LET YOUR EGO COME IN BETWEEN.

And for the women, have the courage to lift a man and look beyond the strong walls he has built around him to protect his “manliness”


2. Do you change around your friends?


Bad Things that Deeply Affect a Relationship 12


If you change the way you treat your better half around your friends; you either haven’t been keeping it real with them or you haven’t been keeping it real with your lover!


Mr Amari Soul specifically reflects on this very issue, leaning on towards men. I feel, that it’s both; the man and the woman who can be “faking it” around friends.

And let me tell you; true love remains consistent regardless of the situation and the environment.

So if you have noticed a change in attitude, while being surrounded with his/her acquaintances, it’s either because;

    • They’re not true about their feelings to you
    • Are embarrassed of you
    • OR they care more about impressing their friends than they care about how you feel.

Be vigilant. Don’t let them get away with this!


3. Complaining about “standards”


Bad Things that Deeply Affect a Relationship 13


More often than not, we find true love, after experiencing many affairs.

In such a case, when we finally meet “the one”, we compare them to our previous involvements.

Is this the right thing to do? Sorry but NO!

If your partner can not meet your standards, whether high or low, I recommend you don’t bend!

You are at that age and phase of life, where you have been through tremendous ups and downs, and finally accept the way you are.

If your man or your woman expects you to lower yourself for them, it means they are not motivated enough to improve themselves for you.

Do not mistake me!

Relationships survive through compromises and amendments. All of us have to “adjust” BUT that’s absolutely different from loosing yourself in the process.

Don’t lose what took you years to build!


4. Eye Contact


Bad Things that Deeply Affect a Relationship 14


“A man that won’t look you in the eyes, either isn’t interested in how you actually feel about the conversation, has confidence issues, or is hiding something from you”

And! The very same goes for women!

A conversation is not just about a mouth, some sound and a few words. It’s about the emotions those words and sounds can’t produce, that only the eyes can see.

“I want conversation. I want you to look into my eyes and hear my story as if it were a movie my eyes were showing” – Anonymous.

Even if your conversation is as stupid as you “forgot to take the tag off your new outfit before leaving for work”, make sure his eyes are listening.

Let this govern parley, more than any language ever can!

Remember: Nothing can more deeply affect your relationship, than an ignored discussion.


5. Small things make the most difference


Bad Things that Deeply Affect a Relationship 15

“When you don’t take the time to notice the little things, such as her new hair style, or her new nail color or outfit, she not only notices, but she makes a mental note of the fact that you didn’t notice as well”

The whole world is running after the bigger picture, without realizing; the back on which the bigger picture stands is the little things you do to get there.

Make the tiny gestures count. Don’t brush aside what may have consumed a lot of effort and thought.

Dear world! If you have someone to love, you are not just lucky, you are happy. And happiness is such a rare thing, now. Own it, before it fades away and wrongly affects your relationship!


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