Top 15 Ideas How to Surprise your Boyfriend

Are you missing the fun that you might have expected while initiating your relationship with your boyfriend? If yes, you need some ideas on how to surprise your boyfriend.

Believe me, sweet surprises will not only strengthen your relationship but also provide you an opportunity to enjoy the precious moments that you spend with your guy.

Surprises always bring smile on everyone’s face because seeing an unexpected thing makes us feel special and unique.

I know you must be wondering, what can you do to surprise your boyfriend? Right?

Well, to be honest, it typically depends upon the nature of your boyfriend, his interests, and most importantly what he likes and dislikes!

Being a friend – a good friend, you must understand his psyche towards different things like what kind of movies he watches, which game he plays, what he reads, what he likes to eat etc. In short, surprises related to the things he like will make him happier.

But, if you are having some trouble to find out his interests, we are going to share some cute ideas on how to surprise your boyfriend.

Let me make it clear on you! Girl, you’ll love every bit of it!

Let’s get started!

Best 15 Ideas on How to Surprise your Boyfriend

I’m going to share some awesome ideas to surprise your boyfriend that’ll make him a big fan of you, your sense of humor, and most importantly he’ll get addicted to your personality!

How to Surprise your Boyfriend on his Birthday

Birthday is the best occasion to try something new and different. If you wanna make him feel that you love him above all, it’s the most appropriate occasion to bring smile on his face with a delightful word i.e. WOW!

1. Plan a Surprise Birthday Party

Don’t hesitate to plan a surprise birthday dinner for him. Moreover, you can invite his close friends on the dinner too. It’ll surely make him happy as well as he’ll feel blessed that he’s surrounded by nice people – especially YOU!

2. Gift him something he Like

Gift sharing is an important aspect of Girlfriend-Boyfriend relationship, right? Therefore, gift him something he loves!

It could be anything – A watch, Pair of shoes, Dress of his favorite brand etc. In short, gift him something that’s not only useful but also something he likes!

3. A Full Day Plan

What else could be better than spending the whole day with your dream boy! Keep surprising him throughout the day by taking him to the places he likes, restaurants where he loves to eat, and most importantly conclude your day with a hug!

P.S: All of these things will make it clear on him that you are his true friend!

4. Romantic Surprises for your Boyfriend

Relationship that lacks the key factor of romance can’t be a long lasting relationship. Therefore, don’t stop yourself from being too romantic!

5. Book Two Tickets of Late Night show of a Romantic Movie

Invite your boyfriend to watch a romantic movie. Most importantly, book late night show of the movie because it’ll allow you to spend more time with your boyfriend in a quiet and romantic ambiance.

6. Don’t hesitate to be Physical

Physical touch is very important to ignite the lust of romance. Therefore, gently touch his hands, put your arms around his neck, and hold his wrist etc. all these gestures will make it clear on him that you really like him!

To further flare the romance, you can do all of these naughtiness in the public. It’ll strengthen your relationship and love life to an extreme extent.

7. Gift him his favorite T-Shirt

Men too are very choosy and conscious about their dressing. If you knew that he likes something in dressing i.e. T-shirt, foot fear, pent etc. It’ll be a cute idea to surprise your boyfriend because such gifts are irresistible.

How to Surprise your Boyfriend when he comes Home

You can do many things to surprise your boyfriend as well as to make him happy especially when he comes home after spending time on job or with his buddies.

8. Give him a sweet kiss

A kiss is the best way to welcome your boyfriend. Moreover, don’t just make a lip to lip connection, let him taste your tongue by strangling your tongue into his mouth.

It’ll not only make him happy but also give him a glimpse of your intense affection and love that you have for him.

9. Cook Dinner for him

There’s an old saying, “Stomach is the gateway towards a man’s heart!” Therefore, if you wanna win his heart cook something he likes.

10. Make changes to the interior

Men aren’t very active in home decoration but believe me or not, they do like a little bit modification in the stuff. You can surprise him by making minor changes to the interior.

For example, you can change the position of dining table, sofas, bed etc. It’ll not only bring smile on his face but also make him think that you have plenty of care for him.

How to Surprise your Boyfriend at Work

If your boyfriend is a busy guy and doesn’t spend much time with you because of his busy routine you can surprise him when he’s at work.

Let’s see how to do this…!

11. Pay a Surprise Visit

If he isn’t spending enough time with you, you can visit him in his office! It’ll surely surprise him! But keep in mind, choose a time slot that suits him too.

For example, avoid visiting him if he’s busy in a business meeting or dealing with clients. In these scenarios, you’ll become a burden and he might not be able to spend time with you!

Tip: you can visit him during the lunch break. In this way, you can not only have lunch with him but also you can spend time with him.

12. Deliver something he forgot at home

Instead of calling him that he has forgotten to take his laptop, office keys, or an important file. You can deliver it yourself. It’ll give you a chance to meet him at his work.

13. Surprise him by wishing him his birthday at his office

Believe me, it is the optimum reason to visit him when he’s at work. It’ll make him smile and he’ll feel happy too.

Moreover, it is the best chance to make him realize that he matters a lot for you!

Some Sweet Surprises for your Boyfriend

    • If your boyfriend is on a business tour and you are missing him, send him your pic by making a kissing posture. Moreover, to enhance his anxiety send him a message containing lusty words.
    • Cook his favorite food and send him pictures. It’ll make him realize that you are missing him. Believe me, it is a cute way to surprise your boyfriend.

Send him a pic of your new bikini just to make him anxious and curious that he is missing hell of fun. It’ll enhance his lust and affection for you. Oh Poor Girl! I know it sounds a bit dirty but you have to do this for sake of your relationship.

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