Top 20 Signs Your Ex Wants You Back in their Life

Top 20 Signs Your Ex Wants You Back in their Life

There’s a common saying, “TIME is the best healer!” It fits so right for the couples who wanna bury the PAST and START OVER! It takes time to forget someone but, still you can’t demolish anyone entirely from your life. Let’s discuss signs that being a man or woman you’ll show if you want your ex-girlfriend or boyfriend back.

Break up is always hard, right?

Unwanted obsessions, ignorance from one partner, and change in priorities are some common reasons of break ups.

If your ending isn’t very dramatic, you can have a patch up but, to do this you must be well aware about signs your ex wants you back.

Mostly, relationships end because of small issues which at the time of break up looks quite huge but time portrays that those problems weren’t unnegotiable! Therefore, both partners try to rebuild their relationship and all of it starts by some signs.

Enhancing eye-contact, occasional smile passing, and late night miss calls are some strong signs that your ex wants you back.

If you are unable to pick these get-together signs you are certainly missing priceless affection, love, and care that your ex is expressing with the help of these cute signs.

Both, males and females aren’t very different in expressing their LOVE but, there are some minor variations in behavior and tone.

Naturally, females are a bit shy as compared to males especially when we are talking about propose or patch-up!

Therefore, if your ex-girlfriend wants you back instead of making a direct contact, she’ll show some signs.


1. She isn’t Dating Anyone Else

If she hasn’t dated anyone else, it depicts that she still has something for you!

Although, both of you have separated your ways and both of you are free to take any kind of life decisions but if she isn’t sharing her time with someone else; it clearly depicts that she wants you back!

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2. Late Night Miss-Calls and Texts

Her missed calls and fluffy late night messages shows that she hasn’t forget you. It is a great sign that your ex-girlfriend wants to you back.


How can you take these things light and unintentional?

Believe me, if you encounter such signs you must understand that she hasn’t forgotten you!

Don’t hang up BOY!

She’s missing you!


3. No change in EYE-CONTACT – An Ultimate sign your ex wants you back

Women are quite choosy about eye contact – especially with males. They don’t make it with everyone except the person whom they like or want!

So, if your ex-girlfriend isn’t hesitant to make eye-contact, she wants you back in her life because your absence is making her feel alone!


4. She isn’t Reluctant to shake hands

Have you ever thought…?

Why’ll she shake hand with someone whom she probably hates?

It depicts that she isn’t angry at you anymore. She doesn’t think that you are a bad man! She wanna be a good friend or probably someone more than a friend, right? I bet, I’m right!


5. Meets Warmly

If your ex-girlfriend wants you back, she’ll meet you with a smiling face even after the break up. No wonder, your nature of relationship isn’t the same as it was used to be but her warm welcomes and smiling face is a clear sign she wants you back.

Now it is up to you, whether you are considering these cheerful meetings as a noble gesture or you are taking it as a patch up sign!

In my opinion, it is a perfect indication that she still has something for you and she wants you back!

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6. The Dilemma of Social Media

Social media especially Facebook has become a major source to get idea of someone’s liking. If your GF hasn’t blocked you on Facebook or she hasn’t unfriended you from her friends list, she wants you to remain a part of her life – with the help of Facebook you can follow her posts and activities.

Moreover, it gives you freedom to pass comments on recent photos, statuses, and other posts. In short, you are having a continuous indirect interaction with her which is an important thing for a patch up. The best among all is, you can send an apology message or some sweet text on happy occasions like her birthday.

Being an ex, you must utilize these minute opportunities to respect her emotions and feelings – for the sake of your relationship.


7. Avoids badmouthing Behind your Back

If a girl doesn’t say any negative words about your behavior and attitude to someone else, it means she likes your habits and nature. In short, she doesn’t wanna disclose mutual affairs in front of others.

It is a great sign she wants you back because she is armoring your character and personality from all aspects without giving others any chance to tease you or her with any inappropriate comments. She is doing it on purpose because she likes you!


8. She calls you with your NAME

A girl will never call his ex with his name if she doesn’t like him anymore. Instead, she’ll use words like him and you because these words are not only rude but also depict a strangeness.

But if she is using your first name to call you, she still doesn’t consider you a stranger or an unknown person. This mean she has room for you in her life and only you can fill that gap.


9. She never Asks you to MOVE ON – She wants you Back

Generally, females are very conscious about their relationships especially with males. Has she ever asked you to MOVE ON? Has she dated anyone else?

If NO, it is a sign she wants you back because if she doesn’t wanna be with you anymore she’ll surely tell you to MOVE ON by making some kind of excuses like I’m very happy with my life, things are going great, I’m fine now etc.

If you haven’t noticed anything like this, GO GET HER! Believe me, she is DYING to bet with you again!

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It is very difficult for a male to hide his emotions if he loves or likes a girl. Naturally, males are very easy-to-read because it is very difficult for them to fur their feelings if they have feel touchy about someone special – especially if a boy has crush on a girl.

If a boy wants to have patch up with his ex-girlfriend, he’ll take all the steps to make her feel that he wants you back. Therefore, if your ex-boyfriend wants you back, he’ll show some deliberate signs that he is missing you and life isn’t the same without you!


1. He’ll follow you – Wherever you GO

To be honest, this is the oldest way that every guy uses to impress her girl or make her realize that he wants to be a friend. So, if your ex-boyfriend wants you back, he’ll surely follow you at your workplace, restaurants, workout place, home, and in short wherever you go, you’ll find him with you.

It is a clear sign your ex-boyfriend wants you back in his life. Actually, following someone with such consistency and frequency depicts that he wants to have a patch up.


2. He’ll request your Best friend to Invade

If you are not giving him any signs of hope and, he wants you back at any cost, he’ll try his best to utilize every resource to get you.

He’ll approach your best friend to get a glimpse of your current thoughts, anger level, and feelings. He’ll surely request him/her to convince you for a meeting where he could express his guilt!


3. Dating Dilemma

If your ex-boyfriend isn’t dating anyone else, it is a glimpse of his affection and love for you. He is sure that he can’t find someone best than you.

It is a best sign that your ex-boyfriend wants you back because he can’t share compatibility, his time, and emotional affection with anyone else except YOU!


4. Gets Emotional on the Call

An apology call with a lot of emotions and sentiments express his eagerness to be with you. If he humbly apologizes you his mistakes and wrong-doings, he surely wants you back from the core of his heart because his life isn’t the same without YOU!

Oh girl! What else do you want?

Isn’t it enough to ensure that he’s the ONE who can always keep you happy?

I bet, he is…!


5. Your ex always uses a Nickname to call you

Every couple uses some pet names to call each other. To depict his love and affection that he has for you, he’ll call you with the same nickname that he used to call you when both of you were together.

It is an indication that he hasn’t forgotten those wonderful moments and wants to win you and your trust back!

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6. He Regularly Sends Greetings

Believe me or not, it is a really good gesture! If your boyfriend wishes you all the events like your birthday, Christmas, and Halloween etc. This shows he hasn’t forgotten you and he wants you back in your life. Still, he loves you from the core of his heart because there’s no other reason behind his wishes.

Such events are the best opportunities for patch up; do you miss him too?

If YES, leave him a reply with same passion and tone. That’s the only way to encourage his efforts and to make him realize that you also have same feelings for him!


7. He stays in Touch through Social Media

If he isn’t reluctant to contact you over Facebook, Twitter, or Whatsapp; it’s a sign he wants to bury all the wrong-goings of the PAST!

Now it is up to YOU, if you don’t want to come back, block him so that he couldn’t approach you through these platforms or give him a courteous response if you still like him or has something for him.


8. Defends you in front of all – An Ultimate sign he wants you back

To be honest, this is really an important aspect. If he defends your character and avoids badmouthing behind your back, it is a sign he wants you back!

Have you ever thought, why would he take your side if you’re not seeing each other? Why would he do so? It’s because he misses you and doesn’t want anybody to accuse you about any aspect of your relationship!

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    • If you have no regrets about the time that both of you have spent together, it is an indication that both of you must be together.


    • If your family isn’t happy about your breakup and tries to convince you for a patch up, it’s an ultimate sign you must not miss the person who has won the heart of your family too.


    • Despite all the efforts and a lot of rough patches, if you are unable to forget your ex; it’s a sign that you can’t live without him/her and you want that particular person back in your life.