Top 22 Ultimate Signs She Loves You Deeply

Love isn’t an easy to do job. It’s very complex! The main reason behind its complexity is, it is very hard to understand the signs she loves you deeply!

Women are quite secretive in the maters of love. A woman doesn’t admit it clearly that she loves you or not, instead she leaves behind some vague signs that she loves you deeply and it is considered a man’s job to rightly identify those signs.

If being a male, you are unable to identify the signs she loves you deeply, you can never become her dream man because you are not able to understand her feelings and emotions that she carries for you – As it is the most important aspect of any relationship. Right?

Love is beautiful but when a woman is in love no matter how sensible, mature, and secretive she is, you will observe minor changes in her behavior, way of talking, approach towards different things, and personality as well. These are actually the signs she loves you deeply.

Being a man, you have to be a keen observer if you wanna excel in life because this is the only way to make a long lasting relationship.

Let’s have a look upon some sure signs that she loves you deeply. The signs we are going to mention are the most common and are found in almost every woman.


1. A Never Ending Smile

Have you ever wondered why she always meet you with a smiling face? Why she passes smile while you are with your friends or with her?

It is a clear sign that she loves you deeply. For her you are not just friend, instead you are someone far more than a friend!


2. She listens you carefully

Just answer me, why would you always listen to someone from the depth of your heart? It’s because you love him/her! Right?

Same is the case with women! If your girlfriend closely listens to you, no matter how crappy your discussion is, it is a sign that she wants to be more than friends.

Tip: Observe her tone by changing different topics. If you don’t notice a change in her keenness of listening, she surely loves you!


3. She prefers you over others

Preferences are the best ways to get to know her feelings and emotions for you. If she prefers you over others in all kind of matters like sharing food, asking opinion, discussing problems etc. you are his preferred choice!


4. She spends most of her time with you

Time is among the valuable resources that one could share with someone else. If she has no problem to spend time with you precisely alone time with you she clearly loves you.


5. She avoids Interference

Does she asks you to sit in the corner? Does she secretly makes plans with you? Does she avoids sharing her ideas related to you with her and your friends?

If yes, she wants to be your dream girl because what problem could she has if your friends could join you? The only problem is LOVE – because she loves you and don’t wanna share you with someone else.


6. She gets jealous if you talk to her friends

Remember, a woman will never share her love with someone else! If she gets jealous when you talk to other girls or ever her friends, it’s because you are more than a friend for her and she can’t afford sharing you with the others.


7. She makes proper eye contact

Eye contact is an indication that she has confidence and faith in you. If she is making a lot of eye contact with you, she surely loves you deeply.


8. She gets nervous without you

For a moment just place yourself in her position, if you love someone deeply and that person is not with you, what will be the change in your behavior?

Surely, you will get nervous! Same is the case with females.


9. Lips Shivers with smile – A sure sign she loves you deeply

Have you ever noticed her body language while she is talking to you? If you ever observe that she is twirling her hairs while she is standing with you or her lips are shivering with a smile on her face! It’s an ultimate sign that she is madly in love with you – You are a lucky man to have such a great lover!


10. She touches you differently

Body language is the best way to get a glimpse of the affection and love that she hides from you. Does she touch you sensually? Does she hug you in a different way? Does she stay in touch with you all the time?

If yes, it’s a sure sign she loves you deeply because she can’t afford to live a moment without you.


11. She always bring smile on your face

When someone is in love, that person tries to keep his partner happy. If she shows a good of sense of humor but it is confined only for you! She loves you – there’s no doubt about that!


12. Proactive on Social Media

You can use social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Google+, and Twitter etc. to get a glimpse of her love. If she is proactive to like and post comments on your posts, you can get a clear idea that she wants to come ever closer!

Tip: Check whether is she liking your old posts and profile pictures, if so she certainly trying to remember you that even though she was not with you at that time she also loves those happy moments that you have spent without her!


13. She brings up a New Topic under Discussion – A best sign she loves you deeply

If your girl comes with a new idea and a new topic every time she talks to you. It indicates that she loves talking to you! Moreover, keenly observe her topic switching potential.

If she tries to change the topic when you are about to say good bye or there’s nothing left in the previous topic upon which you can continue the conversation. It absolute that you are her crush!


14. She’s different in person and on chat

The best clue whether she loves you deeply or not is, check out the difference in her behavior and choice of words when she’s with you or while she’s chatting with you!

If you find out that there’s a hell of difference in both of these, that’s it MAN! You can take any further step in your relationship – She’s never going to say NO!


15. Presents with no Reason

Has she ever given you gift without any reason? If you are still wondering about the reason, it’s LOVE! Because there could be no other reason for such surprised and out of context gifts.


16. Pretends forgetting

If she continuously asks you some common things like name of some place, name of your boss or colleagues etc. it’s because she wanna be a bit childish in front of you and we all love kids! Isn’t it?


17. She shows interest in your personal Life

If she asks personal questions like what were you doing last night? Why didn’t you texted me quickly? Who was with you?

These kind of questions are a firm indication that she is interested to know what you do when you are not with her! It’s only because she loves you deeply!


18. She’s too conscious about your need

Ever wondered why she pays a lot of attention to your needs and requirements?

Take a pause here!

I mean, just answer me, why…?

Oh Boy! Don’t be stupid! It’s because she loves you from the core of her heart!


    • Since she loves you deeply, she will remember all of your details like what you like to wear, what you like to eat, your favorite color, your favorite brand etc. In short, you will find her well informed about you!
    • She’ll pass smile on all of your naughtiness and jokes without taking into account how crappy or ruthless they are – just because she loves you!
    • When a woman loves you deeply she stays very faithful and honest! If she is the one who was with you through all thick and thin, then she must be the only one whom you should love – because she deserve it!
    • If she always defends you whether you are right or wrong, it’s only because she has a deep and hidden affection for you!
    • If you are able to find that she really loves you. Don’t tease her or play with her emotions because it’s not right!
    • Praise her beauty, clothing, and don’t hesitate to say, “You are looking gorgeous dear!”
    • If you are not interested to make a long-term relationship with her, it’s OK! Make it clear on her so that she could come out of your charm and charisma!




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