Top 25 Cute Ear Piercings Ideas You Need to Know

Top 25 Cute Ear Piercings Ideas You Need to Know

Want to try some cute ear piercing ideas but feel hesitant? Get your fears out of your mind and have a look. Here are the top 25 piercing ideas that are worth the pain. You can try one or many combinations listed here to give your ear a fashionable yet stylish look this summer!

Ear piercing is not too hard to give a try! After all, it yields awesome results.

You can have your lobes, ear head, tragus or conch, pierced together and go crazy in trying out new and different studs and earrings in most random ways. They also provide you with the opportunity to buy new and nice studs and earrings, ear bobs or chains available in the market to try them on. Piercing ideas are numerous, but the fun is to try the most adventurous piercing combinations. The more unexpected they are, the more fun it is!


Top 25 Cute Ear Piercing Ideas You Got to Know!

Simple ear piercing is not enough; cute ear piercing is hot!

And by ‘Hot’ I do not mean the redness of ear that appears after the piercing is done, BUT, I refer to the hottest new fashion trend that fashionistas around the world are indulged in, today. Ear piercing is fun as well as a style statement. Not only does it entail valid excuses to buy more earrings but also serves as an element of fashion and point of adornment to suit every event, theme, celebration or place you are visiting.

Cute Ear piercing; what’s the Deal?

When it comes to piercing, the first thing one may think of is pain and swollen ear, but wait! That’s not all; there is glamour and style, beauty and elegance, hotness and class, fun and adventure all combined and yet mutually exclusive in ear piercing. You just got to do it right!

How is it done?

Ear piercing means piercing your ear with a needle so that a stud or earring can be worn. Our grandmas used to do it the simple, domestic way with a needle and thread. This meant a shrieking child, a worried mum and father, terrified younger siblings and smells of turmeric or other anti-bacterial agents to be applied over for days to heal the pierced area completely. But today, there are many modern ways available for ear piercing.

All you have to do is to go to the relevant store, ask for the ear piercing, sit down on the hot seat and relax! The Millisecond procedure won’t even let you think about piercing, and there you go. You are all set to wear your new and stylish thematic studs or ear bobs, earrings or any other type of ear jewellery you like. And voila! It is not too heavy in your pocket, too.

The best part!

The best part about ear piercing is that it is not a permanent style like a tattoo and does not incur as a painful and long procedure as for the tattoos. You are free to wear or not wear anything on the pierced area. So, when you get bored of all jewellery etc. you may take off all and stay free!

Adventurous Cute Ear piercings to Try this Summer

There are several different ear piercing ideas. Some involve the lobe or conch; some involve the tragus or ear head etc. Ear piercing names vary according to the position of the piercing on the ear. The human ear is naturally made of a soft cartilage which is easy to pierce and heals fast. Veins going on the side are small thus it is neither too much of a blood job nor a hard one. Therefore, there are multiple ear piercing ideas evolved today which can be fun to try!

Here is a list of 25 cute ear piercing types you got to have a look on and try this season!

1. For young girls: The ear head is a perfect place for piercing of girly girls.

2. Surprise in the Conch: The inner conch is a surprise point for jewellery. It is half hidden half visible and provides another point for cute ear piercing.

3. Simple yet elegant: A single earring in the helix is the typical place to wear elegant earrings.

4. Show the Power: A row of studs on the tragus gives an impact of a strong woman.

5. Upper ear piercing: Wear intricate jewellery in the upper ear to suit the evening parties.

6. Too many together: Forward Helix, Dermal Punch, Tragus and Quad-Lobe -combination would make you go crazy by trying out new and nice earrings in each hole, at a time.

7. Conch and Lobe style: That’s the new style having triple piercings on lobes and one on the conch. You can wear earrings in the lobes while studs in the conch.

8. Tragus and Lobe style: Tragus is not a new idea for piercing but combining it with double lobes can be a style statement.

9. Classy ear piercings: Two piercings adjacent to each other adorned with a chain style ear-wrapping around your ear lobe is classy.

10. Cute ear piercing combinations: Combinations are hot this summer. Wear earrings or studs in unexpected combinations like Industrial, Tragus and Lobes!

11. Rook and Lobe: This is a key to adventurous ear piercing.

12. Industrial, Cartilage, Tragus and Quad Lobes: This may sound crazy but it is not.

13. Cartilage, Double Tragus and Lobes: Tragus is a shallow part of the ear. Make an impact by this style.

14. Cartilage, Conch and Lobe: Because a single earring is not enough, right?

15. Tragus, Conch and Double Helix: Helix provides enough space to adorn your earrings

Other Cute Ear piercing Combinations

Crazy yet fashionable combinations include the following:

16. Outer Conch And Snug

17. Rook, Anti-Tragus, Lobe

18. Triple Flat, Cartilage And Double Lobe

19. Cartilage, Mid-Cartilage And Lobe

20. Helix And Triple-Lobe

21. Dermal Punch And Single Lobe

22. Forward Helix, Conch And Lobes

23. Triple-Lobe, Conch, Cartilage, Tragus

24. Double Lobe, Mid-Cartilage And Cartilage

25. Double Lobe And Helix