Top 45 Inexpensive Date Night Ideas for Couples

Whether it’s your first date or you are dating your lover for quite some time, date is always a special experience! You can’t ignore the importance of timing, venue, and most importantly the interests, likes and dislikes of your partner. An awesome as well as inexpensive date idea for couple could become very handy if you are dating your lover for quite some time.


Going to the same venue, doing similar things, ordering the same food, and stuff like this can make your dating life a bit boring, right? It’ll not only depreciate the charm and crisp of your relationship but also your partner will feel bored with you.


To counter such scenario, a unique date night idea for couple could help a lot! Try to do something different! Things that will make you and your partner smile whenever you remember these moments! For this you have to prepare yourself before going on a date.


We’ll help you to craft some awesome date night ideas for couple that’ll surely keep you and your lover close enough that your relationship will never experience the boredom and it’ll surely never lose the element of romance, affection, and mutual understanding.


Best 45 Inexpensive Date Night Ideas for Couples


You can plan an inexpensive date night either at home, in your town, or anywhere else! The basic idea is to keep it budget friendly.


Let’s plan an inexpensive date idea!


20 Inexpensive at Home Date Night Ideas for Couples


Yes! Believe me or not, you can spend a wonderful time at home with your partner. I know it sounds strange but it isn’t a bad idea at all!


Making a little changing to the home ambiance, you can plan a wonderful as well as inexpensive date night! You just have to focus on the date theme!


A Dining Date


Turn you dining room into a date destination by making minor changings to the setup, lighting, and interior decoration! By changing I didn’t mean bring everything new! You can do this by just changing the position of chairs as well as setting of the dining table!


Turn you bedroom into Cinema


Switch off the lights and watch a romantic movie with your partner in your bedroom. It’s an awesome as well as inexpensive date night idea for couples who wanna spend a quality time with each other.


Read a Romantic Book


If you partner has a literary taste, you can turn his liking into a perfect date night! Just pick up a book from his/her collections and read it in front of him/her.


Indoor Gaming Date


Enjoy the outstanding experience of indoor games by playing games like dodgeball, badminton, table tennis etc. in your house.


Candle Light Drinking Date


Light up candles in the whole room and enjoy sips of your favorite wine with your partner. It’s a brilliant idea if you wanna spend a quality time with your partner!


Pillow Fight Date


Love isn’t about romance and romantic talk, you can spice up your date night with a pillow fight! It’ll not only remind you your old days but also you will get great chance to enhance physical interaction with your partner.


Spa Night Date Idea


Hide yourself in the room and let your partner find you throughout the house! It’ll not only refresh your childhood hide and seek memories but also you will get a good chance to arouse the elements of curiosity and affection in your lover’s heart!


A Bonfire Date


Enjoy the chilly nights of winter by sitting around the bonfire and making a long conversation. You can spice up this date night by eating hot chocolate with your partner! He/she will surely love this outstanding date night idea!


Starry Talk Date


Lay on the roof with your partner and enjoy the beautiful starry night by having romantic talk with your lover. It’s an awesome and inexpensive date night idea for all couples.


Dress Drop Date Night Idea


Tease your partner by asking General knowledge questions and drop one outfit upon each correct answer. He’ll surely wanna play it again and again!


Watch your Favorite TV Show


You can spend a quality time by watching your favorite TV show with your partner. Predict upcoming scenes to further enhance the curiosity and interest of your partner!


Dinner in the Garden


Turn your lawn into a dining destination by decorating the dining table and the whole ambiance with the candles. Serve made at home menu!


Cooking Date Night Idea


Spend a night with your partner by cooking something different in the kitchen. Don’t forget to keep in mind likes and dislikes of your partner.


Chocolate cake, ice cream cake, ice cream, pizza etc. are few things that you can try in the home!


Play One to One Pass Game


Don’t miss the gaming charm by playing fantastic indoor games like basketball.


The Cards Date


Spend the whole night playing cards with your partner. Shuffle games to avoid getting bored and to keep the interest alive.


The News Game


Enrich your relationship by sharing awesome and weird news with your partner.


Hide and Seek Date Night


It’s probably the best inexpensive date night idea for couples who wanna freshen up their life with the childhood memories.


Hop Scotch Date Night


Everyone loves to play this interesting game. Invite your partner to join you in this mind strangling game to get a glimpse of his love, affection, and emotional attachment that he has for you!


One thing I just forget to say, you are gonna love it!


The Kissing Dame Date


Let your boyfriend feet the physical intimacy and your emotional connection with him by playing this outstanding game!


The Artistic Date Night


Invite him to dress you up for the late night hook up! Moreover, consider his choice in terms of dress color, lipstick color, shoes etc. In short, let him control you!


20 Inexpensive Outdoor Date Night Ideas for Couples


Despite the fact that you can have a lot of fun by spending lone time with your partner at home, you must go out with him! It’ll strengthen your love to an extreme extent!


We are going to enlist some great inexpensive date night ideas for couples that’ll help everyone to cut down their date budget without intercepting the craze and fun of dating!


Twisty Golf Date Night Idea


Go out with your partner to play Golf at night. It sounds a bit boring but you can make it full of suspense, action, and romance.


Devise some naughty rules like 4 hugs and kisses if you could pot a ball on first attempt etc. In short, attract your partner towards you by sharing these hilarious and naughty rules.


Book of the Night Challenge


If your partner has literary taste, you can go out with him on the hunt of the best book – Try to choose a romantic book rather than choosing fiction!


Moreover, you can also share your views about the best book selling stores of the town – Don’t forget to pay visit to those stores with your partner!


A Biking Date


Go out with your partner on a bike. Bike ride is best in the sense that it lets you have a closer interaction with your guy! Moreover, it is economical as well as thrilling.


Love Birds Walk


Date isn’t about expensive gifts. It’s about the beautiful moments that you spend with your love of life! Walk with your partner in a park or garden under stars by holding each other’s hands is surely a romantic and inexpensive date night idea!


A Swingy Date


While walking in the park, don’t forget to take swing on the swings. It’ll become an unforgettable experience especially when you swing with your partner! Isn’t it true?


A Drive in Movie Date


Long drives are common and almost everyone do this! But, what about long drive plus movie? Choose a romantic movie and watch it with your partner while sitting in the car!


 A hiking Date


Go to some place quiet! Where there is no one except you and him! Don’t forget to take pictures with him to make memories!


A Date of Bet


If your partner likes bargaining and casinos, join him to visit his favorite casino and support him by sitting with him!


The shopping Date


From shopping I didn’t mean clothing, instead take him with you while you plan to purchase home goods like grocery, kitchen goods etc. Show him that he’s part of your family and your happiness is linked with him!


Take a Combined Art Class


Invite him to take an art class with you! Introduce him with your buddies and loved ones just to make him realize that he has a special position in your heart!


Beach Party Date


Visit favorite section of beach him. It’s an inexpensive date night idea in the sense that you have to purchase nothing special to plan this awesome and lovable trip – except a stunning bikini!


Ice Cream Date


Don’t hesitate to be adventurous! Order a Large ice cream even if it is winter and eat it all with him!


Club Date


Dance with him by visiting a reasonable jazz club! Remember you don’t have to visit a VIP club to make him feel happy! Instead, visit a local club and amuse him with some outrageous dance moves! He’ll surely love every bit of it!


Bicycle Date Adventure


Wander across the streets and roads of the city with him on a bicycle (made for two only)!


A Coffee Date


Simplicity attracts everyone, right? So pick up the simplest attire and visit any of the local coffee shops to have sips of coffee with him.


Tip: Try to sit on a corner table!


A Roller Coaster Date


Yes! As the name depicts, go out to have a roller coaster ride with your boyfriend.


A Champagne Date


What else could be the best? You, your dream boat, and champagne in candle light!


Foodies Date Night


Visit different food chains in the city and order one thing – French Fries! Isn’t it a yummy date!


A Train Date


Just travel from starting station to the ending one! Sit with your lover and have conversation with him! Nothing else! You are gonna love the expressions that he’s going to give you!


The Naughty Date


Take your boyfriend to a nude club! Here, he’s all yours! Do what you wanna do with him!


Some Other Date Night Ideas for Couples


The Tub Night


Surprise him with your sizzling looks, erotic gestures and passionate hugging! But hold on…! First take him to the bathroom to have a sensual bath with him!


The Kiss Night Date


Well, just kiss him! On his cheeks, his neck, lips etc. just to remind him that he’s the one without whom you are nothing!


One Bite One Kiss Date Night


The rule is simple, one kiss for each bite of the food! Isn’t it amazing? I bet, it’s astonishing!


The Motel Date


Explore the beauty of your relationship by spend the whole night with your dream boy in a beautiful hotel!


The FnF Date


Invite him to your house to introduce him with your buddies and family members. Let him know that your heart has fallen for him.