Top 8 Secret Mom Confessions

If you’re a mom, you’ll admit at least some of these secret Mom confessions. However, if you’re not, these Mom confessions might disclose some of their strictly confidential secrets. Stay tuned!

Changing diapers bazillions times a day, feeding, taking extra care of every little thing, restless nights and above all no “Me-time”, it is all part of being a MOMMY!

Being mommy can be extra demanding. You might sometimes hate your kids for crying over teeny-weeny things and sometime over nothing, you might scold them for messing your just cleaned room, you, every so often, might feel tired of being mom and have also shown carelessness.Yet, you are truly aware that you can’t stay without your kids. They are your World!

A Mother-Children relationship is the truest and purest form of all relationships. A Mother starts to love her kids unconditionally the moment she feels their existence. She does a constant struggle to grow them up and to meet their demands. Sometimes, to turn them into a perfect kid, she even forgets her own existence. At some point, she can even be negligent of her kids or she might not be as strong as kids’ think of her. All mothers’ deep secrets that they have kept hidden from young ones have been unveiled. We have found them, let’s have a look!

True Mom Confessions

We gathered some funny confessions of moms and some bad mom confessions. We bet your mother will admit at least some of these confessions.

Here we go!

1. Mom has a Favorite Child

When she swears up that she loves you all equally and it’s hard for you to believe.

Your instincts might be right, because sometimes it’s just to not break your heart but yes, she does have a favorite child.

One mom confessed, ‘I am a Mother of two, I have a favorite, I’ll never tell a soul, specially my Kids’

Another said, ‘I love all my kids equally, but I *enjoy* one of them more. I try to not let it show in my behavior with all my kids, but I fear it may seep out.’

2. Careless about Child’s Hygiene

Telling lie to dentist ‘Yes, obviously I make them floss’, or not taking care when they bathed last time, all mom have been there.

You might be a little careless about kids sometimes and you feel terrible for that but you are not alone. Read this,

“I hardly ever comb my daughter’s hair. And it’s curly. So by the end of the week it’s like she has dreadlocks.” — Tracy R.

Elizabeth said, “My 15-month-old daughter threw her toothbrush in the toilet … it was clean water so I rescued the brush, ran it through some hot water, and she’s still using it.”

Another mom confessed, ‘In the summer, I rarely know how long it’s been since my kids have bathed.’

3. Distracted by Technology

Checking Whatsapp and Snapshat every now and then, technology is something that has impacted not only young ones but parents also.

And some of you might confess that you sometimes, have ignored your little one because of your favorite show or when scrolling down your newsfeed.

‘When I have long calls to make or a show to watch, I use television as a babysitter’, said Nina C.

4. Not Taking Care of Personal Hygiene

Along with child’s hygiene, it’s equally important to take personal hygiene care.

Well, being engaged in work around the clock, it can be a hard nut to crack and sometimes you forget that you need to take proper care of yourself, as well.

One of the mom confesses ‘I sometimes forget how many days it’s been since the last time I washed my hair.’

5. Secretly Eating Kids Snacks

Moms might scold kids for eating too much of sugar and snacks, but they equally love m&m’s.

Sometimes when you are unable to find your chocolate, your mom might be the one who ate it while you were sleeping.

‘I eat my kids chocolates when they are away, and when they ask me about it I pretend like I have no idea’–Tanya M.

6. Telling Kids Little Lies

Mothers hate their kids telling lies, but they actually tell them little lies to get the work done by them much conveniently.

Liv M. confesses that when her son hears the ice cream truck music, she lies that it means the truck doesn’t have any ice-cream left. Poor Kid!

7. Anonymous Moms Confessions

Going through these anonymous confessions of a mom, you will find some not-so common confessions that we have selected from the whisper app, which lets anonymous people confess their secrets.

‘I do about 80% of the things I swore I’d never do as a parent on a weekly basis.’

‘I will never be the mother my son deserves. I am sorry my son was cursed with me as a mom’

‘My daughter doesn’t realize how much she hurts me with her words, I feel like a failure as a mom’

‘I love being a mother, but sometimes I feel so over-whelmed, because my son is autistic’

‘I hate that I can’t be a normal woman, and go on dates, because I am a Mom’

8. Single Mom Confessions

The Back breaking struggle of a single mother is real!

She has to be strong because that’s the only choice she has been left with. Warning! These confessions might be distressing!

‘I am embarrassed about becoming a single-mom, and moving back in with my parents at 25. But I am working part time and I am a full time student too. I Hope my son realizes it’s all for him’

‘As a single mother, it is hard finding people who accept that fact that I have a son and accept him in general, it’s frustrating but my son comes first no matter what’

‘I bought a fake engagement ring, so people don’t look at me because I am a single mother’

‘I am a single mother, some days I want to give up so bad but I don’t want to set that example for my daughter so I keep fighting’

‘As a single mother, I feel as if my daughter should be enough to keep me company but the truth is I am so lonely’

Moms are the real Divas! Their love is pure and unconditional…. Growing children up is not kids’ stuff. Love and take good care of your momma!


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