What are the 5 LOVE Languages –Which One Do You Have?

People have different perceptions about LOVE; some say LOVE is blind while others say LOVE has no boundaries. But, many say LOVE has NO language! I openly reject this perception that LOVE has NO language! At this point you must be wondering, what are the 5 LOVE languages, right?

Hold on guys!

Before enlisting the languages of LOVE, let me discuss the world’s most beautiful feeling “LOVE” and its components so that it could be easy for you to understand the LOVE Languages!

Remember one thing folks, LOVE isn’t all about romance and SEX! Instead, it is a complicated blend of emotions, care, affection, and respect that ultimately lead you towards sensations and physical encroachments.

According to you, what are the LOVE languages? Moreover, what do you know about the languages of LOVE?

Take a deep breath and scratch your mind to get few answers!

I know, there’s a lot going in your mind at the moment! So, let me help you to get a clear idea…!

According to the Relationship Expert Gary Chapman, there are total 5 LOVE languages! Each language is a way that we adopt to demonstrate our affection and care for our loved ones! Moreover, there’s no constraint of type of relationship. LOVE languages are the same – for all relationships.

What are 5 LOVE Languages of the Relationships

    • Words of Affirmation
    • Quality Time
    • Surprise Gifts – A silent love language
    • Acts of Service
    • Physical Touch – The Ultimate LOVE Language

According to the most of relationship experts, we use Words of Affirmation, Physical Touch, Acts of Service, Gifts, and Quality Time as the languages to depict our LOVE.

Let’s discuss the each LOVE language one by one to get a clear idea about these languages.

1. Words of Affirmation

Words matter a lot! We all exchange our opinions through words! In fact, words are the best way to express your feelings – We all express, don’t we?

The language, “Words of Affirmation” isn’t all about flirty, extremely romantic, and seductive words; instead, you have to focus on your tone and choice of phrases in routine life.

The best rule to love and to be loved is, try to replace complaining words with respective one’s; that is the true spirit of this LOVE language! For example, if your friend, partner, lover or husband has arrived late in a scheduled dinner (Men are men!), ask him politely! Moreover, if you know he’s kind of busy guy, don’t force him to share the reason!

In short, let him/her know how cute you are! Although, LOVE can’t be determined but, let your partner Determine your True Love because of your clever choice of words.

2. Quality Time

Life is too short to waste, we can’t afford to live it in a boring way, right? We all want to spend a memorable and quality time with our loved ones!

But the question is, how will you come to know that you are spending a quality time with your partner? Happy moments, a lot of smiles, and emotional satisfaction are indications that not only your relationship is flourishing and strengthening but also you are having a quality time.

Quality time in a relationship is the best output of love. Believe me or not, love is all about quality time that we spend with our loved ones.

In short, love speaks in the form of happiness. This is the only reason that amplify quality time as a love language.

3. Surprise Gifts – A silent love language

There’s a saying,

“The best gift comes from the core of heart, not from the store!”

It’s absolutely true! Gifts are a cute way to make your partner happy as well as to make him/her realize that you have feelings of love, care, and respect for him/her!

But, what about surprise gifts? To be honest, gift itself is a surprise! Exchange of gifts not only makes your relationship stronger but also depicts your emotional attachment with the partner.

Surprise birthday party, surprise anniversary gift, and a secret plan of candle light dinner etc. are all silent words of language of love!

No doubt, gifts are a silent love language because we purchase gifts only for those whom we are fond of!

4. Acts of Service

Making up of beds while your spouse isn’t in the home, reminder of an important meeting, a call or text to wish your partner good luck etc. are some acts of service that illustrates your love and affection for your partner.

These small acts are very powerful because they cast a positive impact on your partner’s mind and thoughts. Such acts not only make your partner realize that you care for him/her but also depict your inner-good person!

In short, small acts of service let you win the heart of your partner! Moreover, acts of service triggers emotional chatting between you and your counterpart! This is what makes it a unique language of love among all the love languages.

5. Physical Touch – The Ultimate LOVE Language

Holding of hand, Hugging, Hi-Fives, Kissing, etc. are physical forms of love! All of these gestures are natural, and vary person to person as well as relationship to relationship except one common aspect i.e. physical touch!

What are 5 Love Language Test ?

Now you have an understanding about the languages of love, you can identify yours. Just take a close look upon your relationships and you can identify the love language category, you fall in!

The more features you have in your personality regarding a specific love language, greater are the chances you have that love language as your primary love language and vice versa!

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