What is the difference between Foil Highlights and Balayage Highlights?

There is a reason why Balayage highlights has kicked out foil highlights and became professional’s number one choice. A skill of creating faded softer looking hair is so in vogue at the moment. I remember, every time I went for foil highlights I was never fully satisfied. Right after leaving salon my hair always made me feel that maybe this is too much or the highlighted strands look way too prominent on my natural hair. There were also times when I hated my highlighted hair and so badly wanted to go back to my natural color. This is when either chalking came to rescue or I totally re-dyed my hair to darker tone.

The moment I heard that Balayage is the latest talk of town, I jumped more into its detail. And without hesitation I straightaway decided what I wanted for my hair this time. Since, my favorite of all was Rosie Huntington-Whitley’s Balayage highlights. Hence, I decided to go for it on my dark blonde hair. The applying method was different this time. It took more work and obviously extra time and pennies. Next, the time of final reveal came, I remember getting butterflies in stomach. Anyhow the results were so exceptional that I fell in love with my hair at that very minute I looked into mirror. I must confess Balayage was worth every penny and every minute. I was never this much happy with my hair color and fresh look.


What is Balayage?

Balayage is actually a French term which means ‘to sweep’ or ‘to paint’. Balayage gives settled organic highlights which compliments every skin tone. If you are not into vibrant colors or prominent foil highlights but looking for a more fresh and natural look. Balayage highlights are just the right option for you. This flattering technique makes hair look softer and healthier.


What is the difference between Foil Highlights and Balayage Highlights? 13


Who doesn’t hate touching up hair every now and then? But the good news is, Balayage style is low maintenance because of the less noticeable regrowth lines. It enhances your natural complexion and features so well that it has become favorite of numberless models and actors. Jessica Alba, Jennifer Lopaz, Rihanna and Sarah Jessica Parker are few of the celebrities rocking Balayage.

Balayage vs. Foil Highlights


What is the difference between Foil Highlights and Balayage Highlights? 14

You won’t need anything like foil or cap for Balayage. It is less notable more sun-kissed.  However, for foils hair are sandwiched between foils to get more lifted vibrant effect. They are highlighted from root to the ends. For a Virgin hair Balayage highlights are a good option to get an idea of highlights. But if you love an over-light bold look, foil Highlights should be chosen.


How to Balayage Hair at Home?

Balayage highlights are no doubt appealing but it can be heavy on the pocketbook. I would recommend you to get it done from professional anyway. Yet, if you have some experience in hair dyeing you might be able to achieve the same or at least closer results at home. Balayage requires free hand painting, which means you just have to lightly paint the surface of the hair. The main idea behind this approach is the less the more.

The first and foremost step is read and research on which ombre color will suit your tone of skin and hair. Then, get the basic coloring kit that is applying-at-home friendly. Get your gloves and towel. Now follow our instructions below to get the perfect Balayage at home,


    • Wear gloves and start to Mix the hair color following the instructions written on the box.
    • Take Vaseline and apply it on your hairline to avoid the color contact with your skin.
    • Now section your hair in two parts, a right one and a left one. Secure it with a clip.
    • Take the left part divide it into two halves again, measuring from the ear.
    • Take 3 or 4 strands on one-half, depending on your hair quantity and twist and clip them tightly.
    • Repeat the same process on the right side.
    • Now it’s time to start the coloring. For a more natural effect use gloved fingers.
    • Start applying color one third down the root to the tip of each hair strand.
    • Repeat the process patiently on each strand till you paint every strand.
    • Leave it for the required time of 20-30 minutes as per written in the instructions.
    • Wash the dye out. Voila, you are ready to rock the Balayage.



What is the difference between Foil Highlights and Balayage Highlights? 15


Full vs. Partial Balayage

Half head Partial Balayage is done on a part of your head only. It is usually painted around the face, the top half or the side sections. Partial highlights frames the face flawlessly. Full head highlights on the other hand as the name suggests are done on the entire head. Both looks terrific for any hair. It is also an excellent choice for the brides-to-be. It is more natural and works ideally with bridal hairstyles. Partial highlights cost is almost same as full highlights.


What is the difference between Foil Highlights and Balayage Highlights? 16


Partial Balayage highlights on Black Hair

Partial Balayage paired with dark black hair can look out of the world. The color options for darker hair are endless. Choosing the one right color for Highlighting totally depends on what you want. If you can carry vivid colors on your dark hair you can totally go for it. For a safer color option, choose brown half head Balayage on black hair. Balayage Brunette is one great option for darker hair and darker skin tone.


What is the difference between Foil Highlights and Balayage Highlights? 17



Blonde Balayage on Brown Hair

Blonde is the most popular color for highlights around the globe. Balayage blonde highlights are capable of totally changing your look. The ever so gorgeous brown hair pairs perfectly with blonds. Balayage doesn’t even make blonde look that obvious on hair if you are afraid of its brightness. Balayage can look good with short or long both lengths. Whether Balayage Blonde Bob hair or Blonde Balayage short hair they look extraordinary styled straight or curled.


What is the difference between Foil Highlights and Balayage Highlights? 18


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