What to Do if Your Boyfriend’s mom Hates You

Isn’t it sound strange that your boyfriend’s mom hates you?

I bet it is…!

But there are few questions that comes to everyone’s mind; how do you know that she hates you?

Are you sure about it?

Have you told him that his mother hates you or don’t like you?

If some of the following symptoms fits right, then you are quite right about your assumption that your boyfriend’s mom hates you!

    • She doesn’t prefer sitting with you.
    • She doesn’t talk much when both of you are together.
    • She discuss past affairs of his son in front of you and other family members.
    • She doesn’t call you with your name instead she uses rude words like girl and lady.
    • You can’t make her laugh.
    • Your boyfriend is hesitant to introduce you with his parents especially with his MOM.
    • She ignores your academic or employment achievements by raising questions like this job isn’t perfect for you. You must choose some other field and BLA BLA BLA…!

In short, her purpose is to make you realize that she’ll not accept you as her daughter in law. Under such circumstances, you’re quite right that your boyfriend’s mom hates you!

To help you out, we’ve some great suggestions for you! Take these mandatory steps to alter her mindset, behavior and thinking about you.


5 Best Things to Try if Your Boyfriend’s Mom Hates You

1. First Impression Matters A lot

There’s a saying, “your FIRST impression is the LAST impression!” It fits right to everyone. Before first meeting, it’s always good to have some information about his family. So, ask him some questions like how many siblings you have? What are the names of your siblings? Ask him about professions of his family members.

Try to call everyone with his/her name. Talk to everyone and don’t hesitate to ask things like how’s your job going? Moreover, let them know who you are by sharing you education and expertise. It will portray your image as a family member and you’ll not be treated as a stranger.

2. Be Polite

The smartest way to get affection from anyone including your boyfriend’s mom is politeness. If your boyfriend’s mom hate you, just kill her with your politeness.

Talk softly and try to build a friendly relationship with her. For example, if she shows rudeness about your restaurant’s choice; pass her a smile and say “YEAH! You are quite right about this place. Literally, it is a dumb place!” Moreover, to be more respectful, politely say her, “Next time, I’ll keep it in mind!”

3. Be careful in choice of wardrobe

Believe it or not, your attire could be the reason behind her dislike. Carefully analyze your clothing. Just take a closer look on what kind of clothes your boyfriend’s mom or sisters wear and then compare their attire with yours!

If you find your attire too different from theirs, try to wear clothes according to their family traditions. Moreover, dress according to the occasion. Avoid wearing skirts and shorts in casual family gatherings.

4. Avoid Badmouthing – A best rule to follow if your boyfriend’s mom hates you

If you really wanna win her affection – NEVER badmouth her to her SON! Believe me, it matters a lot. Instead of complaining her rudeness, say some sweet words about her to your boyfriend. It’ll not only strengthen your relationship but also you’ll be able to win a tag that you RESPECT his family.

5. Do what she likes

It’s a rule of thumb, you must share something common if you wish to make your relationship stronger. To be precise, adopt some common hobbies. It will give you a point to have an amusing conversation.

If you don’t know interests of your boyfriend’s mom, you can ask your boyfriend about his mother’s likes and dislikes. If she is a big fan of classic movies, collect some relevant information and share it with her. If she likes cooking or interior decoration, share some sparkling and innovative ideas with her.

In short, make her think that you have something special that no one else can’t have!


Some Extreme Steps – If your Boyfriend’s Mom Still Hates you!

If you have done all the hard work but, you are unable to win trust and respect from your boyfriend’s mom and his family. It’s time to move on. You can try something else.

    • You are gonna spend your life with your boyfriend – NOT with his mom. So, you can avoid their family gatherings. It’ll surely save you from a lot of stress.
    • Make things clear on your boyfriend that you aren’t compatible with his family – But you love him!

Key Things to Remember:

    • Never give him option to choose between you or his family.
    • Don’t make fun of his family traditions – if they have any!

Keep your family away from such conflicts – especially your MOM!

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