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250 Cute Names to Call Your Boyfriend

Oct 08,2016

harm: if you really feel that he is the man behind your success. Roobo / Mr. Robot: A cute nickname for someone, who is very punctual. Studly: A cute name to call your boyfriend if he’s a body-builder and likes to show muscles. Cloudy-Boy: If his voice is shrilly. Goofy: If he acts stupid to bring smile on your face. Gizmo: It suits to the guy who is interested in new gadgets and technology.   Funny Names to Call your BF   If your boyfriend is funny and lighthearted, why can’t you? Humorous nature of your guy allows you to call him with any name you want! If he’s funny, he surely calls you with some witty names, right? You can also call him the same way. Let’s get started! Bad Boy: If he’s funny, he’s a BAD BOY! Call him with this name to enhance crunch of your relationship. He’ll surely ENJOY this cute name! Boo-Thang: This is a perfect name for a man who possesses funny and flirty nature. Jazzy: A cute pet name to call your boyfriend if he is a big fan of jazz music. Cheeky Chimp: If your Boyfriend is an expert in passing witty comments. Pup: if he is a PET-LOVER. Leggy: If he has long legs. Chunky: This cute name suits to the person who is a bit bulky but funny. Doodles: A sweet pet name for a guy who is cute and funny. D.J (Deejay): If the guy has a good music taste and he can entertain you with an awesome collection of songs. Pudding Pie: If he’s a damn sweet treat. Soda Pop: It’s a sweet name to call your boyfriend if he’s sweet and refreshing. Lovey: A funny pet name to call your love! My Drug / Mr. Druggy: If he’s the one without whom you can’t live. Pumpkin Pie: For someone, you deeply love. GOOGLE / Encyclopedia: It’s a sweet name to call your boyfriend, if he answers all of your questions. Old Man / Old Boy: A cute name to tease your boyfriend if he’s younger than you. Mustard: If he’s sexy and rich. Squishy: A cute name to call your boyfriend if he’s very soft and polite. My Laughter / My Giggle / My Chuckle: Use any of these names to make him realize that he’s the reason behind your smile. Ducky: For someone who is whimsical and flirtatious. Kiddo: It’s a cute name to make fun of your boyfriend. He’ll love it! Knave: you can call him “Knave,” if he’s a naughty guy. Fela: A funniest nickname to call your boyfriend who is slim and SEXY! Mushroom: For someone who is naughty. Nerd: A funny name to call you boyfriend, if he’s intelligent but avoids gatherings. Lady-Finger: For a guy who has cute small fingers. Yummy Bear: For someone who has bulky body. Xoxo: A cute name to call your boyfriend, if he truly loves you. Gummy Bear: A funny pet name for cool and jolly boyfriend. Little Monkey: Cute name to call a hilariously funny guy. Wuggles: If your guy loves to hug, kiss, and cuddle. Muffin Head / Love Muffin: For a cute guy who creates fun by pretending to be a crazy and stupid person. Hon: A short and funniest form of honey. Honey Smack: A funny nick name for your boyfriend if he’s a great kisser. Nutty: If the guy flirts a lot. Mr. Charlie / Charlie Boy: It is a cute name to call your boyfriend if he’s cheerful. Play Boy: If you can’t stop your BF from flirting with other girls. Muffin: if you boyfriend is a cheesy guy. Poker Face: If your guy is funny but he, himself rarely smiles. Hubba Bubba: A cute pet name for your boyfriend if he is a charismatic and whimsical lover boy. Regulator: For a guy who corrects you in a funny way. Huckleberry: A cute pet name to call your boyfriend if he’s a black-man.   Profession Based Cute Names to call you Boyfriend   Men are very touchy about their job. Therefore, the best way to win their confidence and to make them feel proud is, a cute nickname depending upon their profession and nature of job. My Lion: Suits to the guy, who is a boss or team leader. Sporty Boy: If he is a sportsman. Mr. Computer: It is a cute name to call your boyfriend, if he is a software developer. Catalyst: It is perfect for a salesperson, who regularly achieves his targets. Treasure: Don’t hesitate to call him My Treasure, if he is a banker. Footy: If your boyfriend is a footballer. Einstein: If he is a school teacher or college professor. Bond: It’s a sweet name to call your boyfriend if he’s a cop or in troop. My Picaso / Mr. Picaso: It is an awesome pet name if your boyfriend is an artist or loves art.   Must Read 30 Cute Names to Call Your Girlfriend   SEXY Names to call your Boyfriend   Never miss a moment to seduce your boyfriend, tease him with sexy and dirty names to enhance his lust and desire to get you! But remember, never use these dirty names in the public. Let’s be naughty! Dirty Guy: It is a cute name to call your boyfriend in private. It’s a silent message that you are ready for…! Foxy: If he is clever like a fox, and knows, how to cash an opportunity to kiss, hug, and ***. Hot Honey: If he’s a master in turning you on with his sweet seductive talks. Monster: An erotic name to call your boyfriend, if you love to have SEX with him. Snuggy: Because you love the way he snuggles. Hot Stuff: If the guy is really a beast in the bed. Spanky: If he loves to spank during SEX! Strawberry: If he’s sweet and seductive like a strawberry. Teddy Bear: If you love to sleep with him. Hot Lips: If the is the master of kissing. Fuzz Butt: It’s a good pet name to call your boyfriend especially, when both of you are naked. Honey Pants: you know, when to use it! Nibble / Mr. Nibble: Because he loves to do so. He-Man: For someone who is very easy to TURN ON. Kissy Face: A super horny name to call your boyfriend but, only in the bedroom. Stallion: You can’t go wrong with this one. Sexy: Call him with this name, because he is SEXY! Macho-Man: For a guy who is an expert in love-making. SEX Bomb: If he’s always ready to have SEX! Mr. Untamed: For someone who is WILD in the bed but knows his limits. Honey buns: If he has sexy hip. Sparky: If he knows, how to ignite flame of SEX! Orgmist: If he is an orgasm expert. Caution – It’s a SECRET! Tripod: A hot and sexy pet name to call your boyfriend, if he has a giant d***. Sexy Pants: because he is DAMN SEXY! Sexter: If he likes dirty texting. Sexy Devil: A seductive name to call your boyfriend, if you wanna play! Turtle Squid: if your guy loves to touch every part of your body. Stud / Super Stud: For a guy who makes you cum! Stud-Muffin: For someone who is intensely hot and grabs the attention of the ladies due to his blazing personality.   Heroic names to call your Boyfriend   We are surrounded by so many imaginary characters, so it’s not a bad approach to relate your boyfriend with the SUPER HEROS – because he is your HERO! Superman: If he helps you to stay away from all kind of troubles. Mr. Perfect: Because he is a perfect person to spend the whole life. Wolverine: A cute name for a bold and strong man. Scooby: For a person who is thin and coward. Hobbit: If your partner loves to travel. Minion: For a guy who possesses talent to make funny faces. Superstar: because he’s the star of your life. Arnold: Call him with this cute name, if he’s a body-builder. Batman: Call him “My Batman” if he like fancy cars. Mr. Robin / Robin Hood: For an extroverted cool guy. Don: A cute pet name to call your boyfriend if he likes crime movies. Popeye: If your boyfriend is a muscular dude. Pokemon / Pokey Face: If he’s cute and smart. Casper: A sweet pet name for your BF because he has haunted your thoughts like a friendly demon. Ironman: For a guy who faces problems with courage and never gives up. Wookums: A pet name for someone who possesses a unique love style. Tarzan: If your guy loves wildlife. G-Man: A short form of gorgeous man. It is a best name to call your boyfriend if he possesses an exquisite personality.   Classic Names to call your Boyfriend   Sweetie, honey, sweetheart, and other classic names aren’t outdated yet. Everyone uses these names because they have their own magic. But, there’s an issue with these names, they aren’t unique. So if you wanna keep things simple, use these classical names to call your boyfriend. Honey: It’s a sweet name to call your boyfriend. Darling: A cute name to express love to your dear boyfriend. My-Everything: A classic way to call your CRUSH. My Love: Because he is! My Heart: because he’s your heart-beat! Hubby: A classic way to call your boyfriend with whom you wanna spend the rest of your life. Soul Mate: Because he is your soul mate. My All: Because he means everything to you. Babe / Baby: A cute name to wake up inner child of your BF. Life / My Life: Without any doubt, he is! Sweetie / Sweet Heart: Because LOVE is sweeter than sugar! My Angel: A cute way to respect his faithfulness. My World: Because he is your WORLD! You can’t expect to live without him. Sugar: A classical name to call your boyfriend if he’s too sweet.   Points to Remember: Here are few things that you must keep in mind: Never call your BF with the nickname that his ex-girlfriend has used for him. Never use a name that points out any of his weakness. Avoid using a pet name that your BF doesn’t like.


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