Interesting Wedding Superstitions Around the World

Aug 03,2016

White dress, beautiful flowers, a nice musical band, meaningful vows and the first kiss; weddings ar...Read more

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How to Start Saving for your Wedding

Aug 09,2016

Just got engaged and wondering how to start saving for your wedding? Weddings are a beautiful tim...Read more

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Unique Wedding Dresses for Brides Around the World

Aug 11,2016

Brides celebrate their weddings according to their cultural and/or religious traditions, which is wh...Read more

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Wedding Hairstyles for Long Hair Down

Sep 06,2016

If your special day is getting near and you are looking for wedding hairstyles for long hair down th...Read more

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Traditional Wedding Ceremonies According to Different Cultures

Sep 29,2016

A bride wearing something old, new, borrowed and blue, or tossing the wedding bouquet to the unmarri...Read more

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Perfect Guide About What to Wear to a Wedding –Men’s Edition

Oct 06,2016

Wedding are those glorious times in which there is an air of merriness along with a touch of class a...Read more

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Traditional Wedding Ceremonies –Tying the Knot

Oct 07,2016

Henna creations, jumping brooms, throwing bouquets – get to know about the traditional wedding...Read more

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Perfect Way to Plan a Wedding on a Small Budget

Oct 10,2016

Having a big, fairy tale-like wedding is every girl's dream! But, alongside that, it is essentia...Read more

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Unique Ways of Getting Married Never Seen Before in Life

Oct 08,2016

For anyone, getting married is a pretty big deal, and most people think of unique ways to get marrie...Read more

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Interesting Facts about Buying an Engagement Ring

Oct 18,2016

If you are in a serious relationship and thinking of buying an engagement ring soon to propose your ...Read more

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12 Best Wedding Gifts for Couples that Everyone Wants

Oct 20,2016

Coming up with ideas for wedding gifts for couples is quite difficult, especially if they are a clos...Read more

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10 Hacks about How to Find a Right Husband

Jul 13,2016

People say couples are made up in heaven and soul mates are matched up in the 7th sky!Our God has pa...Read more

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10 Surprising Changes You Experience, Only After Getting Married

Oct 25,2016

A week before the big day, in all nervousness, a close friend opened up about how things change afte...Read more

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10 Big Wedding Proposal Fails That You Need to Avoid

Nov 07,2016

When a person decides to make a wedding proposal to the one they love, they want it to be perfect an...Read more

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Miracle Prayers for Marriage that Works Instantly

Dec 18,2016

Sometimes when we are in a desperate situation or think that there is no hope of things working out ...Read more

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How to get married at the Courthouse in different Cities

Jan 10,2017

Couples that are either really in love and eager to start their lives together or want to save up on...Read more

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Best Affordable and Cheap Honeymoon Destinations in the World

Mar 15,2017

Looking for cheap honeymoon destinations? Check out our listed below destinations in US, Asia, Europ...Read more

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