A painful condition, that can be occurred with anyone but most probably athletes greatly suffer with it. The more common name for painful disorder in outside part of the elbow is “tennis elbow” whereas the other name in medical terminology is termed as “lateral epicondylitis”. It can sometimes be really painful and pointed.

Tennis elbow also explains a condition when the tendons on the lateral epicondylitis, also called the bony knob of the outer elbow, are inflamed. It can happen when one performs continuous repetition in twisting or turning an arm. Tennis elbow is not directly linked with only athletes but it may affect common people like carpenters, plumbers, painters, butchers and factory workers. Pain just not only lied on the outer side of the elbow, it may also lead to wrist and forearm. Depending upon the condition of the tennis elbow, if not treated earlier, it may take from two weeks to two year or more for recovery.

What could be the possible symptoms of tennis elbow?

  • First and most important symptoms is that an individual will have pain and swelling on the outer side of the elbow.
  • The degree of pain may vary from small pains to severe pains.
  • Pain can get more severe if an individual shakes hand or grip something in hand.
  • It can also cause difficulty in twisting the forearm(opening door handle).

You may be confused with the term tennis in tennis elbow. However, it is not much related with playing tennis, following conditions can also result in tennis elbow.

  • While playing badminton
  • Baseball pitching
  • Uncontrolled use of screwdriver and hammer
  • Fly-fishing
  • Playing squash
  • When one plays racquetball

Mild discomfort in pain can be treated with complete rest and home treatment whereas if you are suffering with greater pain and swelling that you cannot handle, time to see Physiotherapist or Doctor for recovery.

With some self-help remedies, one can actually get away with discomforting tennis elbow.

“Tennis elbow or lateral epicondylitis is a common painful disorder that affects the tendons or muscles of the elbow. At times, inappropriate implementation of technique results in severe pains and inflammation on the affected arm. Athletes or workers are most likely to caught tennis elbow. With the use of effective home remedies and exercises, one can observe some noticeable changes in the pain of tennis elbow.”

16. Calendula Oil

The oil has been used from long times as a home remedy to treat inflammation and severe pains. Calendula flowers are also commonly known as marigold flowers. The yellow flowers, when soaked in olive oil, can give calendula oil, that work perfect as a soothing natural component. The oil has powerful antioxidant activity and can reduce inflammation to greater extent. The healing and soothing properties of calendula oil works perfectly in relieving pain, you are suffering with tennis elbow.

  • Calendula oil also has anti-bacterial and antiseptic properties that are excessively used for fighting bacterial infections and inflammation. It can work for your pained tennis elbow.
  • The oil should be used while massaging the tennis elbow, proper and daily application of massage oiling can be an effective prevention from pain and redness in the elbow.

15. Ice Packs

You cannot ignore the magic of ice cubes, kept in your refrigerator. Proper use of ice packs can work as a remedy to prevent from pain and redness of skin. Ice cubes can also work just like an anti-inflammatory agent and provides a quick healing effect to the wounded tennis elbow. The regular use of ice packs on the affected elbow can bring some positive results in relieving pain.

  • Use of ice packs on the affected area can also bring reduction in swelling of tendons around the elbow.
  • The use of ice cubes can be an effective remedy to treat the redness and pain in the elbow.
  • Take some ice cubes and put in an ice pack, apply it on the affected elbow. Place a thin soft cloth in between the skin and ice packs.
  • Repeat the process until you observe some noticeable changes in pain and observe some reduction in swelling.

14. Avocado Oil

With multiple health benefits of avocado fruit, it is one of nature best blessing. Avocado, rich in nutrients and vitamins, provide numerous health advantages in multiple diseases. The rich flavor of avocado is a favorite fruit for most of the people. The oil extracted from the fruit is of great benefits, either on the skin or used internally. Avocado oil has strong astringent and anti-inflammatory properties that work effectively in relieving pain and inflammation.

  • If your elbow is pained and you are caught with tennis elbow, the idea is to apply avocado oil on the affected area.
  • Massage the elbow with avocado oil to release pain and inflammation, as it is also important to provide soothing effect to muscles and tendons around the elbow.

13. Hot And Cold Compresses

You never know, what might take away your pains? Hot and cold compresses are also used as a home remedy to observe some reduction in swelling, inflammation and painful disorders. It is often seen pains are reduced largely when you used hot compresses on the pained areas. If cold compresses can make you feel relaxed, you go for that.

  • One should properly compress the tennis elbow with a hot cloth or towel.
  • Compression can also be done with the use of cold towel.
  • Wrapping the affected area with an elastic bandage also is an effective remedy to treat muscle pains.
  • Make sure, you compress the affected area properly.

12. Potato Pack

To enhance your knowledge in treating pains and inflammation, potato can also work for you. It is one of the most common yet effective home remedy to relieve pain and sufferings. Tennis elbow suffers an individual with pointed pain and redness of skin. The use of tomato works for both the issues and causes no side effects.

  • The procedure is to take a bake potato.
  • Wrap the baked potato in a soft cloth and apply it on the affected skin for few minutes.
  • Aching elbow can get some relief from pain and make you feel comfortable.

11. White Willow Bark

Willow bark is one of the nature gifts that all human beings should be thankful for. The compound that makes willow bark a therapeutic treatment is salicin. The tree is known as a nature aspirin and is popular for treating severe pains, it really works. The tree does not only reduce the increased pains but it is also an antioxidant.

  • For treating severe pains caused by tennis elbow, one should go for powdered white willow bark.
  • The procedure is easy. Just stir the powder of white willow bark into a glass of water and drink.
  • This home remedy with the use of white willow bark is a better choice for relieving pain than consuming high dose painkillers.

10. St Wort John

When an individual suffers with tennis elbow, he/she is more likely to hit by pains and inflammation. As a natural herb, st John wort is effective in healing tennis elbow. The use of herb is greatly beneficial for relieving pain and irritation due to presence of anti-inflammatory properties.

  • Dried st John wort can be used as a drinking tea. Allow it to steep for 10 minutes then strain the liquid. Add lemon or honey to enhance the flavor of the tea.
  • Experts also suggest use of st john wort oil to apply on the affected tennis elbow in order to relief pain and inflammation.

Precaution – Before using any herb, it is recommended to consult with your doctor or expert.

9. Ginger

One of your kitchen daily vegetable ingredients can be very beneficial for treating tennis elbow. Ginger is best known for its anti-inflammation properties. It is best home remedy in pain management and pain reliever. Ginger has effective properties to soothe muscles of tennis elbow and fights cramps. Ginger oil also works for improving and circulating the blood flow in providing relief to aching muscles of tennis elbow.

  • Grate few tablespoons of ginger and pack it in a cotton bag. Keep the bag in running water bath.
  • Sufferers should have ginger tea to overcome the pains of tendons in the tennis elbow. Steep fresh ginger root in water for 20 minutes, strain the liquid, and enjoy the drink.

8. Fenugreek

Among herbal treatment, there is another herb named, fenugreek. The natural herb can be a treatment for pain and inflammation. Fenugreek is known as an herbal medicine that works effectively on treating the pain in the muscles. To initiate the healing process, it is important to use fenugreek as a home herbal treatment.

  • Take some fenugreek seeds, grind them with small amount of milk and form a paste. Apply the paste on the affected tennis elbow. After leaving it for few minutes, clean it.
  • To observe quick recovery in healing the pained elbow, one should also have fenugreek in lukewarm water, early in the morning.

7. Professional Massage

At times, when one gets tired with excessive use of medications and remedies go for massage, make sure it is professional massaging. Sufferers should take professionals that are trained in performing massage with proper techniques. As it is extremely important to do a massage on exact points of the muscles to observe quick results in relieving pains of tennis elbow.

Massage done by professionals involves several steps from movement of muscles into proper direction.

6. Tennis Elbow Exercise

Sometimes, excessive strain or stress to the tendons in the forearm can also cause tennis elbow. That results in severe pain and tenderness in the elbow. By performing some of the exercises, it can give you quick and instant recovery with the pains. After exercises, you will be ready to twist and turn.

Carefully notice the following exercises.

Wrist turn with weight – One should start the exercise by carrying small weight.

Wrist flex – It is important to gently bend the wrist in downward direction. Try to straighten the wrist and bend the stretching hands in backward direction. Leaving it for few seconds and repeats the process for three times.

Bend your elbow – Straight your body and lower down one arm on one side. Start bending your arm in upward direction so that it touches the shoulder. Hold your arm for few seconds and repeat the process.

Turn your wrist – Turn your elbow in a direction that the palm faces down. Repeat the process.

5. Take Rest

When your forearm and tennis elbow is affected, you need to consider some rest for yourself. It is of great significance that you give proper rest to your forearm, wrist and fingers. Lack of rest is sometimes the most common cause for giving rise to muscle diseases, just like tennis elbow. Experts, physiotherapists and doctors for treating any health disorders often recommend taking rest.

One should take rest for sure, no matter where you are! Rest is important and should not ignore it.

Sufficient rest can also reduce the excessive amount of stress and pain in the elbow.

4. Counter Force Brace

Protection of tendons of the elbow can also be observed by wearing supportive strap. The braces or strap is helpful in protecting the tendons to be more damaged and hurt. The person who is affected with tennis elbow is asked to get proper rest; if rest is not taken then one should must wear a counter force strap over elbow. Just like, if you are on work and cannot take a complete rest, then it is important to wear supportive strap as it reduces the pain and discomfort in the elbow.

Make sure, sufferer should wear the strap or brace just below the painful area not exactly on the area.

3. Add Celery

Individuals are required to add celery in diet, when suffering with any kind of inflammation and pains. Intake of celery in any form like celery seeds, celery leaves and celery juice works perfect for healing the symptoms of tennis elbow. As eating celery is greatly beneficial for a healthy diet and helpful in lowering cholesterol, blood pressure. Celery has powerful properties that works for healthy joints, improved immune system, diuretic activity and prevents cancer. Therefore, celery is of countless health benefits; never let it disappear from your diet menu.

Celery extract

Take out celery extract from celery seeds. Add 10 drops of celery extract into a glass of hot water and drink the mixture. The mixture is effective in healing inflammation and pain in tennis elbow.

Celery leaves

Steep 10 to 12 celery leaves into a small bowl of water for about 30 minutes. Strain the liquid and allow it to cool for half an hour. Drink this mixture in two times.

2. Diet Of Omega-3

With the application of home and natural remedies, it is also highly recommended by doctors to increase rich diet of omega 3 fatty acids. As the intake of omega, 3 fatty acids are known for reducing the inflammation, swelling and tenderness of the joints and they improves the aching pains.

  • It is advised to have mackerel fish and salmon in your diet to observe positive results.
  • Chewing or having flax seeds also cure from inflammation.

1. Prevention of Other Activities

Any person who is greatly affected with joint paints or tennis elbow, it is often advised to avoid other physical activities for some time. The best idea is to take complete rest for quick and effective recovery. If you are an athlete or active in sports, it is recommended to avoid playing and give some comfort to muscles and joints. As the muscles or joints, gets more strain or stress, they are more vulnerable to certain damages.

  • It is also advised to carry easy gripped rackets, if you are a tennis player.
  • All activities or movement that accelerates the bad conditions of the tendons is also to be avoided.


  • Give proper rest to affected arm.
  • Remember to wear supportive strap over elbow as it reduces the discomfort.
  • Take spinach, blue berries, whole grains, cabbage, and broccoli in your diet.
  • Take green tea as it reduces the inflammation and pains.
  • Add milk and eggs in the diet as it maintains the levels of minerals and vitamins in the body.


  • Ignore other physical activities, when suffering with tennis elbow.
  • Do not forget to do a massage with essential oils.
  • Do not put stress on pained muscles.
  • Avoid workouts and twisting exercises for some time.