30 Hot Things to Say to a Guy Over Text

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30 Hot Things to Say to a Guy Over Text


Have you ever used sexting tricks to turn a guy on over text? Have you ever said a hot thing to your guy over text?

If NO, you have missed a lot of fun! You must do this to tease him because it’ll bring more crisp and charm in your relationship.

Don’t hesitate to express the lust and temptation that his charismatic personality and cute looks portray in your heart and mind!

Oh Girl! I know it sounds a bit dirty but you have to do this for the sake of your love, emotions and affection because there’s no logic to hide what you really feel!

On the other hand, if you have been teasing your guy by saying hot things over the text and want some sizzling and seductive suggestions, you’re at the right place!

Pick up your cell phone and start a cheesy conversation with your Dream-Boy by teasing him and hitting him hard with your hot and tempting texts!

10 hot Things to say to your Guy overtext to Turn him on

  1. Do you know? You are a dirty sexy guy and this is the only reason you always turn me on!
  2. I’m not horny but you’re so sexy that you always make me look so!
  3. I’m lying on the bed right now and thinking, where will you kiss me if you are with me right now!
  4. I can’t forget the lust, naughtiness and pleasure that your tongue causes down there – The hottest line to say to your guy!
  5. Just tell me, where you want to put your hands? *Send him a picture of you – In undergarments or a naked photo* A horny look of your face will make him thirstier!
  6. Whatever your plans are for tonight, my plan is to f**k you like a beast!
  7. The only thought which is making me w*t is, what I am going to do you to you tonight…!
  8. Would you like to take a sexy job that offers extra benefits? Curious what is it? Me and you na*ed on the bed cuddling all day long! Are you ready to take this job?
  9. Come soon…! I wanna say hello to *write pet name of his private part.*
  10. Honey! Your tongue taste so good – especially when it is in my mouth!

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10 Naughty Things to say to your Guy over Text

Wrap your text with double meaning words, it’s a best way of teasing him. Forward him text messages full of naughtiness and seductive phrases. Your naughty messages will not only bring smile on his face but also make him horny and he’ll not miss any chance to tear your clothes apart.

  1. Just make a guess, what am I wearing down there? Any idea…?
  2. Hey Honey! Don’t work too hard because we have some pending work too – on the bed!
  3. Oh Boy! I just dropped ice cream on my b**b, can you please lick it off for me? It is a naughty thing to say to your guy over text – if you are texting him in middle of the day.
  4. Let me confess! I’m in LOVE with you lips… can’t wait to freshen up my mouth again!
  5. In middle of the day, send him a picture of your body parts where you want him to spank and text him – “I’m waiting for that moment when you’ll spank me here!”
  6. Honey! I’m in the bathtub! Believe me, water isn’t as hot as it was when both of us were together in the tub! 
  7. Hey My Macho-Man! I am almost home now. Get yourself dressed and wait for me because I’m so horny that I don’t wanna waste my time in undressing you! It is a naughty thing to say to a guy over text if he’s at home – waiting for you!
  8. What a mind-numbing day! Let’s fix it with S*X!
  9. Hey Honey! I am watching porn right now! Let’s try something unique and different!
  10. I’m w*t right now! Do you wanna have a look?

10 Funny but Hot things to say to Your guy over Text

Sexting isn’t all about dirty chats and filthy text messages! You can make your chat even hotter by using a blend of funny and hot texts. Let’s get started!

  1. Today, I woke up thinking about you, guess what – I was totally wet down there!
  2. I thought it’s good to tell you, “Honey, I’m not wearing underwear!”
  3. You should probably cancel all of your night plans because I plan on staying up late with you – believe me very late!
  4. Hey Honey! Which body part of mine you like the most?
  5. I wish to have you with me right now because I’m having a bit difficulty in adjusting my bra straps!
  6. Looks like there’s something strange over my butt, can you come home to check properly!
  7. Oh Boy! You made my heart go because you look damn handsome in the boxer!
  8. There’s a guy who makes me look too horny but he didn’t know! Oh BOY! You are that guy! Let’s have some S*X!
  9. Nothing turns me on except your hot looks and sexy body.
  10. What’s your favorite memory about me? Mine is, you on top of me!

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