50 Funny Relationship Love Memes for Her and for Him

A relationship can’t excel or even it can’t be named as a relationship if it lacks the aspects of love, care, and respect. To enhance fun and crisp of the relationship, funny relationship love memes for her and for him is the best way to devise a reason and aspect to achieve success in any male-female relationship.

You don’t have to be a love Guru or relationship expert to be in a special relationship. You just have to be honest and respectful in order to turn your relationship into a beauty. Relationship love memes for her and for him is a best way to start off.

Craft beautiful love memes to express your feelings of love and intimacy for your partner. Use beautiful lines to impress her or him that you love her or him. We are gonna share some wonderful lines of love that will help you to devise a better idea to write and share relationship love memes for her and for him.

Let’s take off!

For you ease and better understanding, our whole article is divided into two sections i.e. relationship love memes for her and relationship love memes for him.

This will help you to get better idea and sound understanding of likes-dislikes and preferences of both genders. It’ll also help you to be creative and imaginative.

P.S: Don’t be afraid of results and be open in your expressions of love and affection. Silence isn’t gonna do anything better.


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Females are very touchy and shy when it comes to expression of the feelings of love, affection and intimacy. Mostly, they just try to hide as much of these feelings as they could. Therefore, they are also very reluctant to write relationship love memes for him.

Being a guy, it is considered your moral duty to identify the signs she loves you deeply. You have to do it yourself, no matter how you do it – you just have to do it!

If you are unable to judge whether she is interested in you or not, you can let her know how you feel for her – through relationship love memes for her.

You can use different techniques like writing cute paragraphs for her or crafting different kind of good morning text messages for her. There are other ways too, but you have to choose what suits you better.

We are gonna categorized relationship love memes for her to give you a flexibility in choice and to give a better idea what’s gonna suit your needs!

You can start off by writing some cute relationship love memes for her. It’ll help you to express your feelings in a moderate way so that you should not harm your relationship by any mean. Choose better words to keep the affection alive.

She’s the All You Want

From the day you have been a part of my life, you are the all what I can think about. You have become the only reason because of whom I breathe. You are the one and only star in the sky of my life. I cannot expect anything better because you are the all what I want!


A Free Feeling

You are the one with whom I feel free because you love me the way no one other can’t and it lets me feel free from all kind of troubles and hardships of the life.


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Difference between Desire and Love

There is a difference between desire and love. Desire shows the extent up to which someone wants you but love has no boundary. It has no prerequisites. It requires nothing except your companionship. That’s it – I also want your companionship.

An Acceptance – An ultimate cute relationship meme for her

You are the only one who has accepted my past, you are the one and only who is supporting me in my present. Therefore, you could be the one and only who can accept support me In future. I want you to be a part of my future.

The Evergreen Affection

I want you to be with me throughout my life but this doesn’t seems to be enough because the time I have spent with you and rest of the time that is left in my life is very short to pay you the regard and love that you deserve. Be with me – I’m nothing without you!


Only YOU

No one can take care of me the way you do, no one can give me the gentle looks like you, and no one can give me the precious smile as you do. I saw a whole myself in you. I perceive you as my soul mate.

My Home

I look at you and I feel I am at my home. Nothing can be worse than your absence. I feel incomplete without you because you are a key to my home. I feel you are home. I wanna live inside your heart – Forever.

Good for YOU

I have no problem what others say about me, I don’t consider anyone else except you. I just want to be good for you because that’s enough for me to live a happy life.

All Time Happiness

Every time I saw you smiling, I just can’t forbade and control my lips from passing a smile. My heart races and my mind becomes blank. I don’t know what’s this? Mostly, it is called LOVE!

A Dream – Best Relationship meme for her

For me, you are a dream that I want to feel in real life. For me, you are a goal of my life. For me, you are the one without whom I can’t move ahead. But, I don’t know whether I am good enough for you or not – I just want you forever!

Love Memes for Her

If you have a close interaction with her and an enhanced level of mutual understanding, you can write love memes for her. It’ll help you to come even closer to her. You can let her know how your heart beats for her!

No Day without You

My day start off with you. My dreams are incomplete and my sleep isn’t of any worth without your dreams. My day seems to be stuck while you are not with me. I just can’t spend a single moment without you.

Just YOU

I have no demands, no goals, and no dreams except you. You are the only demand I can ever make. You are the only goal I wished to achieve and you are the only dream I want to come true. I don’t know, why is it so? I just want you in all of my things!


Love Forever – A nice love meme for her

My heart, my mind, my eyes, my ears, my lips, my senses, my humor, my quietness, my speaking abilities, my dreams, and my life goals… Everything, tells me that I’m gonna love you forever. I have no reason to say “NO!”

Love Proof

You are the one and only whom I need in my life because you need me too! You are the one and only who can understand my needs. That’s the only reason we are a perfect match because we need each other! Isn’t it enough to prove that we are perfect for each other!

My Air

I feel very restricted and burdened when you are not around. People say they need air to breathe. But, for me you are my air. I can’t imagine living without you because we all know life’s gonna end when there’s no air!


Wonder of YOU – A sentimental love meme for her

The beauty of nature, the shining of the stars, the hotness of the sun, the coldness and calmness of the moon, and all other wonders of the world seems very vague and diminished as compared to you. You are a wonder above all of these!

Suddenly Everything

I always thought, what was in me that you became a friend of mine? I always failed to get any answer. It’s your emotional beauty, honesty and purity that you have chosen me as your friend. I have nothing except you.

The Top Priority

I have never worked so hard or I haven’t taken any extreme steps to make someone happy – as I have taken in your case. I don’t know, what is it…? I just know that I LOVE YOU!

The Only Reason

I have billions of reasons to be sad and to feel incomplete and unsatisfied. But, you are the one and only reason that lets me do things that I love to enjoy! Thanks for being my one and only reason for happiness and pleasure.

I’m consumed by YOU

Your smiles, your sweet way of having conversations, your quietness, your humble behavior, and all of those things that I am unable to disclose have made me a big fan of yours. I accept the fact that I’m consumed by you. I Love you.

All Moments

Your face reminds me about all the good happenings of the past, you smile tells me the fact that I’ve billions of reasons to be happy and lighthearted. I just wanna confess that you and only you are the center of all of my happiness.

Finest Job

My past wasn’t acceptable but you accepted it, my present isn’t very stable but you are normalizing it, and my future is unpredictable and still you are predicting the hope. You are my finest job and I don’t have any option except you.


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Nothing’s worthy than a fun crafting and happiness delivering peaceful relationship. If you are able to celebrate the little things and you can enjoy the moment with your partner. You are a lucky person.

Let me share some funny relationship love memes for her that you can use to amuse her!


The Birthday Cake

You are just like a birthday cake, easy to hug, rich in taste, soft, sweet, and enormously luxurious. Will you be my cake for the rest of your life?

The Dream Marriage

In my dream, I saw I’m getting married with a women who isn’t very tall and isn’t very black. I was surprised to see that I was getting married to you in my dream because the lady in the wedding dress was holding a whole bag of French fries – Only you can eat such huge amount of fries.


Snow Panda

A panda was trying to kill me – in my dream. When I woke up, I saw you lying beside me, can you please tear my clothes apart? I would love to die in such a dirty way!

Have you ever sent a relationship meme to him? Have you ever written a cute relationship meme for him? If the answer is NO, I’ll advice you to write it.

You have to choose a better way to express your emotional attachment and sentimental approach for the guy of your dreams. Believe me or not, relationship memes are gonna give you a big help in building a strong relationship with him.

Cute relationship love memes for him isn’t a bad option to get started.  It’ll help you to express your feelings in an adequate way so that you could avoid from any possible harm to your relationship by any mean. Choose better words to keep the fondness alive and to get a positive response.

He’s the All You Want

The day you came into my life I realized I have gained everything that I have ever wanted. My all hopes, all happenings, all kind of associations just diminished as I met you. I was over the moon when I saw you. I just wanna say that you are the all I want!

Smell like Love

It may sound a bit weird but your smell is the worthiest thing that I can ever imagine. The feeling I get when I touch you is unexplainable. The hotness of your body is undeniable. I can’t regret the feelings that I am sharing with you because you smell like love.


Love isn’t habit

When I say I love you I don’t say it because I have habit to do so. It’s just to remind you that you are an important part of my life. It’s a way of saying that I cannot live without you.

My Paradise

The day I met you, all of my worries and tensions seems to be gone. I have nothing to worry about because you are a solution provider for me. I have your companionship and for me its worth and importance is far more than paradise.

First and Last Thought

When I wakes up in the morning, your name, your face, and your smile is the first thing that comes into my mind. Similarly, when I drifts off to sleep, your name, your face, and your smile is the last thing that I remember.

The Love Meter

I believe, love isn’t about the years, months, and days that we have spent together instead, it’s about the care, respect, affection, and emotional attachment that we both have for each other. I have spent a lot of time with you but your love, care, respect, and affection for me reminds me that I have been blessed with one of the most precious things – LOVE!

The meaning of LOVE

Today, I asked myself what’s the meaning of love? I got an answer that love is all about having feelings of respect, care, fondness, affection, and admiration. I’m telling you all of this because you are the only reason behind my understanding of LOVE.

Forever Thinking – A beautiful relationship love meme for him

In my past, I thought about you; in the present, I am thinking about you; in future, I will be thinking about you because my life is incomplete without your thoughts. I’m yours forever!

A Mirror of Me

Whenever I see in your eyes, I just can’t stop myself from getting lost into the depth of your eyes. I always see a mirror image of my soul in you because you are the one with whom I can share each and every aspect of my life.

Things to do forever

I love the way you touch me, I love the way you tease me, I love the way you kiss me and I love all the naughty things you either do or share with me. I just wanna say that these are the cute things I want to do with you rest of my life.


A Rainbow

Your companionship has always soothe me, your company has been a source of pleasure and happiness for me. I have enjoyed a lot with you. Your partnership, love, and affection is just like a rainbow for me – multiple moods, numerous funny aspects, and too cute to be ignored.


My Life

God has given me an opportunity in the form of life. But, you have been a source who has enlighten my life with the jewels and pearls of the happiness and pleasure. You have given me a reason to live, a method to celebrate, and a way to keep up the good things.


A complete luggage

I don’t know whether I am suitable enough for you or not, but I’m fully aware that you have everything that I need for the rest of my life. I want you to be a partner of this journey because I will not get lost if I am with you.

The Best Place

All of my friends ask me, “What’s your favorite place to dine in?” I have failed to give them a proper answer or a valid spot. I can’t disclose the fact that every spot becomes special and best for me when you are with me.

All Love Quotes – A cutest relationship meme for him

O my Dear Love! Let me make a confession that you are the one and only reason that I can understand the meaning of every quote related to the Love. You have given me every opportunity to excel, to love, and to be loved!


Butterfly Scenes

Every time I see you, my stomach gets butterflies and my eyes start blushing. It’s from the day one. Because I’m in love with you from the day I have seen you.


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Guys love those girls that are funny and humorous. Fun making girls are mostly the first choice of guys because males are always looking for some fun. So girls, funny relationship memes for him are a best way to be funny and to show him a humorous and fun-loving side of yours.


The changing Aspect

I’ll never want you to change – I just love your laziness, quelling attitude, and furious mood. I love all of those moments when your face becomes watermelon because of anger. Don’t change because you are awesome the way you are my LOVE!


The Smartness Dream

My ultimate wish is, you must stay a bit bulky because you are beautiful that way. I just hate when you run an extra mile to burn extra calories. May your dream to become smarter always stay a dream!


The Nearing Effect

When you come closer to me my heart pumps blood like a masturbation machine, I sweat like a pig, and I breathe like a drowning fish. In short, you make me feel like a breached person – Oh Silly Boy!


Cute But Mine – An ultimate funny relationship meme for him

You are cute, you are hot, you are dashing, you are irresistible, and you are the cutest but don’t ever try to cheat on me because I will bite you such a way that you will not be cute anymore. And I just forgot to mention, I’ll kill that bitch too!

Sexual relationship memes is the best way to tease him if you have been physical with him. You can tease him by carefully crafting sexual relationship memes for him. He’ll surely love this wonderful experience.


I Feel Aroused

Whenever you touch me, whenever you come closer to me, whenever you tease me with your naught talks – I just drown myself in the feelings of love and believe me it makes me wet!

Drop Down

Today, the hook of my bra opened automatically when I thought about you. I don’t know, what is this…? Can you please make a confirmation that you will meet me because I am having a bit trouble in holding my br*?


Right Thing

The only thing I did right in my whole life was you and me on the same bed – naked. Did you remember it? OMG! It makes me wet down there whenever I think about that beautiful scene – I’m all yours my LOVE! You can always count on me!


Sexual Emergency

My body seems to bit a little swell, my heart is beating very fast, I am hating my clothes – I don’t wanna put them on! I urgently need a doctor – YOU! Because, it’s a sexual emergency!




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