Top 15 Signs She Wants to be More Than Friends

If you are in relationship with a woman, instead of making her relationship clear; to get your attention, she’ll randomly leave some signs she wants to be more than friends.

There’s an old saying, “Where there is a will, there’s a way!” It fits perfect to every woman because, a woman just show her will in the form of signs she wants to be more than friends but, you’ve to guess these signs.

Oh Boy! Isn’t it tough?

Ah! Yes it is!

Women are quite shy and they don’t easily express their feelings, emotions, and signs of fallen heart. So, a guy must keenly observe her behavior, habits and conversations to catch all signs that are making your bond strong. If you are able to find something extraordinary that depicts she wants to be more than friends;

Aha! It is time to move ahead!

But, hold on!

Let me share some common signs that a woman shows if she wants to be more than friends.

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1. A Lot of Eye-Contact

The first and foremost clue of her anxiousness is, she isn’t hesitant to make eye contact. Eye contact is a perfect Sign her Heart Has Fallen and she wants to be more than friends. It shows her trust and affection for you. Eye contact guarantees that she admires your presence and likes your company.

2. She Always Shares Laughter –A Best sign She wants to be More than Friends

Women are very cautious about their smile and laughter. They don’t share it with everyone. If your girlfriend often laughs at your jokes without considering how creepy they are! It is an unconscious sign that she wants to be more than friends.

Just to get a clear idea, you can try these things on purpose and then observe her reaction. If her reaction is the same, it’s a best chance to ask her for a date! Believe me or not, she’ll never miss this opportunity!

3. She Asks You About Your Activities

If a girl is interested in you and she wants to be more than friends, she’ll ask things like, was everything fine you didn’t receive my call yesterday? Were you sleeping? Did I disturb you?

These over caring questions are a sign she wants to be more than friends because she’s curious about your activities when you’re not with her.

4. She likes to Get Physical – An Ultimate sign she wants to be More Than Friends

If she unconsciously touches you during conversation or while you share a laughter, she’s definitely interested in you. This is a great indication that she wants to be more than friends. Her unconscious touching indicates her confidence and love that she’s hiding from you!

The best way to check whether your assumption is true or false is, notice this aspect in public as well as when there’s no one else around. If her response is the same, you’re surely missing love of a huggable lady!


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5. She Notices your Behavior with Other Girls

If a lady likes you she’ll be jealous if you’re praising other women. She’ll surely behave rude. Her awkward behavior indicates that she wants to be more than friends.

On the other hand if you wanna make sure that she really likes you; tease her by passing flattering comments to other ladies. But, don’t over-do this. If you sense same rudeness and awkwardness, you’re a LUCKY man!

6. She Shares Everything with You – What Else You Want?

Naturally, females don’t share much stuff with the males. So, if your girl shares things like breakfast timings, exercise routine, her family problems, study issues, and all other crap; how can’t you guess that she wants to be more than friends?



7. She Often Fights with You

To be honest, quarrels are part of every relationship. But, their frequency, nature and intensity vary for every relationship. If she argues with you because of smoking or too much liquor consumption, it shows her care and affection for you.

These quarrels are a sign she considers you someone beyond a friend. Actually, such little fights express her emotional attachment with you and it’s a quality that you must value!


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    • She’s always ready to help you.
    • She asks you about your routine or daily activities.
    • She looks a bit shaky while having conversation with you.
    • She acts quite strange in front of your friends especially female friends.
    • She only asks you for help if she’s in some kind of trouble.
    • She’s keen over one word “WE ARE JUST FRIENDS.” Because deep in her heart, she’s well aware, you are more than just a friend.
    • She often praises your looks and dressing sense.
    • She prefers you over her female friends.


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Key Things to Remember:

    • Make it clear on her if you are interested in someone else.
    • Respect her feelings and refuse politely if you aren’t interested in her.



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