Top 30 Cute Snapchat Names For Your Girlfriend

If you’re looking for cute snapchat names for your girlfriend, then you’re on right place.

Besides Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, Snapchat has emerged as a popular and trending social media app in the recent past. You can enhance the crisp of your snaps by putting cute Snapchat names for your girlfriend. It’ll further increase the fun intensity of the animated pics and videos that the app will create after applying filters and animations of your own choice!

A snap of your GF without a cute Snapchat name for your girlfriend will look vague, and I’m quite sure you can’t impress the girl only by sending her the funny pics and animated snaps.


To be the man of her dreams you have to think out of the box, and a funny yet romantic Snapchat name for your girlfriend will impress her beyond your imagination. She’ll become a fan of yours because of your unique and lovable Snapchat pic titles that you’ll share with her!

You can use sweet Snapchat names for your girlfriend to draw her attention. Try to use a different name for her when you share something with her on Snapchat.

Moreover, choose a suitable Snapchat name for your girlfriend keeping in mind the nature of your post as well as basic idea of the snap.

If you already have a cute name to call your girlfriend, you can use it too but you will feel that it’ll not sound as interesting and funny as if you use a different name for her on every post.

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Yes! With our versatile list of names, it is possible for you to be romantic with your girlfriend on Snapchat. Since Snapchat provides a versatile list of animations, choose a suitable animation and send the pic to your GF with any of the below mentioned Snapchat name for your girlfriend!



Title her pic with this traditional romantic name to shower your love on her. Don’t forget to add heart on the pic. It’ll make your post look even romantic!



Fill her heart with happiness by praising her look with this evergreen Snapchat name! Don’t hesitate to add flowers with this awesome title.



Very different and unique, yet romantic! Best one for your GF if she’s ready to make love whenever you want and wherever you want!



Make your connection strong by calling your girlfriend with this unique yet crunchy nickname.


Cuddle Bug

Let her feel the glimpse of your affection and attraction by pointing her cuteness with this lovable Snapchat name.

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Plum Sugar

A best name because it covers up all the romance and affection that you have deep inside your heart for her!


Rise ‘n Shine

Because she is the shine of your true love. You can use it anywhere! In your post title or comments!



The best time to call your girlfriend with this name must be day when she has eaten fast food with you especially Pizza!



A Modern name for your GF if your connection with her is strong that you wanna spend your whole life with her.

Tip: you can use this name if you wanna propose her on Snapchat.


Miss Queen / My Queen

Let her know that she is the queen of your heart by using this awesome and straight forward name. You can also use it if you are sending her a snap animated with the crown. She’ll surely love it!


Angel Eyes

For someone who has beautiful eyes. You can name your post as angel eyes if you are going to share a nice pic with beautiful effects on eyes.



A nice and advance word for your GF if you are tired of using the old words like rose or daisy! It’ll sound modern as well as different!


Lucky Charm

Show her your generosity and love by calling her your Lucky Charm – No doubt she is!



A best Snapchat name for your girlfriend if she is too hot to kiss! Spice up your post by using this lovable Snapchat name – it’ll surely make her feel special!

Snapchat is all about fun chatting and humorous posts. Therefore, it isn’t bad at all to use funny Snapchat names for your girlfriend.


Butter Scotch

A nice name for your girlfriend if she is a blonde. Moreover, you can also use it for someone who loves sweets and candies.


Choco Girl

If you are too frank with your girlfriend and her color isn’t fair you can send her a pic of hot chocolate and call her with this cute Snapchat Name.



For someone with black hairs and very fair complexion.

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A humorous name for someone who is a big fan of Pokemon! Don’t forget to animate the pic with the Pokemon stickers!



A cute Snapchat name for your girlfriend if she is a bit fat!

Tip: Spice up the charisma of this name by sending her the pic of someone really fat!



An adorable as well as funny name for your girlfriend if she always gives you plenty of options! Isn’t it?



A cute one for your GF if she always put smile on your face by sharing funny stories or awesome jokes.



A best one for your girlfriend if she can really turn your mood on by performing role of any cartoon character!


Cup Cake

If she’s a bit bulky!



If she walks slowly in real life there’s no reason you must not use this name for your girlfriend.



If your girl loves all kind of fast food.



A funny way to encircle her cuteness and decency!


Baby Face

Use this one to tease her if she can make too many weird faces!


Little Mama

A funny name to make fun of her cleverness!


The Rabbit

A fun loaded Snapchat name for your girlfriend if she is too fast to catch!





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